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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Throwback to #SPM2014 Result Day

#SPM2014 Result Day was a day of mixed emotion. From a teacher's point of view, not only you are looking forward to your graduated padawans, you are also drooling for their results to determine how successful you were in preparing them. In other words, Form 5 teachers are as if taking a time machine back to their younger days when they took their results.

Looking back on that day, I am grateful for the milestone I have made. In my teaching career, this was my first year whereby I experienced a dramatic change in my Form 5 batch. What made me impressed was the fact when 5 Adam Smith (my class) began to improve in their English 1119 writing ever since they became sensitive in their use of past and present tense. As a result, from their English results, 90% had improved when I compared them to their first semester data. Some I have succeeded in bringing them up from a C to B, while some who were stuck at B, finally scored an A. 

Some of them even went beyond extra miles to be crowned as top students of our school. Eventually, they scored more As than mine. Right now, they are entering a new terminal towards their tertiary education, while I am trying to use the same successful methods in improving the current Form 5 batch. 

Welcome to a new level, 2014 batch. 

This was with the top guns - the top students.