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Sunday, May 29, 2011


I had quit playing games such as Treasure Isle, Mafia Wars and Street Racing in Facebook because sometimes I don't like the waiting time in those games. However, some real football star's page advertised this game as I'm re-enjoying the Facebook entertainment aspect again. 

Yeah. I AM PLAYR is an interactive football game, where you are featured as a young promising striker of a fictional team called River Park FC. So, basically, you'll be improving your avatar/character in training, and to play it out in a match, and you will be playing alongside the story every "week" or game turn.

Currently in Week 11 and I am very astonished of the producers' creativity on showing the football world to their audiences. 

Good points: 

They really reflect the real life of football. Yeah, when you play games such as FIFA 11 or PES 2011, the only thing you'll learn is how you control eleven players of your team around the pitch, which doesn't really provide you the real-life knowledge of the football world. In games like Football Manager, which I'm playing now, you tend to go through a season without any extra ordinary stuff happening and that's that. Nothing much but to manage your team. 

Just recently, my character got "insulted" by a fictional football fan in a clip shown. In real life, as a Man Utd fan, players such as Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney tend to be pointed by the fans if the whole team is not performing well. 

So, from the first person view, you can see what's really happening in the football world. It's really full of stress, mainly from the fans and the manager. 

You can even choose your decisions in those unexpected events. Every "week" there'll be extra ordinary stuff going on and you'll go through them all the time. Sometimes, the situation is outside the football world, which is more personal. Real creative! Oh ya, be wary of this character called Danny Deans, he's such a prankster in times. 

Bad points: 

10 hours for another week, and the crossbar challenge is not really helping a lot. 

Like any Zynga games, you need coins to purchase the Nike shoes, the staffs and energy recharges. 

Because we are in Malaysia, our Internet lines are not fast sometimes, and sometimes the loading fails, which sometimes ruin my week, sigh!

And last but not least, I am not impressed with the match gameplay. You were randomly given the chances to score a goal, sometimes even a zero chance! Plus, your team is under an unusual 3-4-3 formation, which is hardly for them to maintain a clean sheet every match they play. 


So, overall, this game is awesome! But with some lags and flaw, it can be frustrating. But anyway, I recommend all the football lovers to try out this game! Meantime, watch this clip below and compare all of the I AM PLAYR clips with the next one down there - there's similarities of them with the English FA's Whatever Your Level campaign!


Friday, May 20, 2011


Congrats to Manchester United. Looking forward for their new signings. 

In case you ask me who's the player of the season, I would say: Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez

Dimitar Berbatov could have been my most admired player of the season if he continues on his good form of scoring hattricks. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Harley Davidson


Taken this picture last week with the Sony NEX-5. The camera's very impressive to me, however its sensor needs cleaning, hence it might take like 3 weeks for it to come back to me. 

Just a short update. And within these 2 weeks it was full of stress and thrills, I even ended up not sleeping for 35 hours doing the PR2 proposals with my senior groupmates. But at the end of the day, everything's fine.