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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Editor On Leave

Stay tuned, though. Your.World.Pixelated. will not be updated as frequently in this period as the editor is busy for a moment. 

Here's some photography projects he's working on right now. 

1. Melbourne Day 2 Part 2
2. Travel to Sydney
3. Sydney Photography
4. 2nd Cousin - Jason and Iris' Wedding (which was captured today)

At the same time, he will be busy packing his stuffs to return to KL by March 2, as well as having his laptop being reformatted and facing a busy time in college on settling accommodation shifting and academic tasks. 

Once again, sorry for the absence. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trying Out A New Method of Blogging.

Sorry, I put there A$ 1000 just as an example. Too much larrr A$5000....kesian that thief. haha....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Australian Courtesy: Something That Malaysians Must Learn

With a lil sneak peak of Melbourne's Day 2 post. This will be the next post after this.



These are the snippets. Now, back to the topic.


It's been a week I'm in Australia, and it's crystal clear to tell how courteous Australians are when compared to us. Be it the Caucasians, Asians, the Aborigines, etc, they are all polite and kind to almost anyone. 

And yes, Malaysians. We all should learn from them, despite the stress or anything else that affects our life. 

Let me give you some examples that we should follow:

1. Australians never horn, even under traffic jams. In the city of Melbourne, they are traffic lights every 200m, and whenever they stop, they never complain if a red light is on. They don't speed and drive like any daredevil Malaysians (as they got speed cameras around). They even let pedestrians to cross the road. 

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, I remembered how difficult was it to walk from KLCC to Bukit Bintang. The cars wont even let you pass as they drive fast. They just ignore you. 

2. During the 2nd day in Melbourne, a stranger suddenly greeted us politely with a nice "How are you?". And even though we tended to ignore him, he still said "Have a nice day." instead of being rude. I at least replied him with a smile. 

And that made me wonder: Will we Malaysians do the same thing? 

It's our norms, back then, to ignore strangers (except for tourists) as they can be a threat against us - frauds, criminal tricks, and all the bad stuffs. But, here, they still greet people. 

And yes Malaysians, these Australians don't have any "Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita" campaign. 

3. Beggars are considered as outcasts generally. But here, I saw locals sitting next to these unfortunate people and even chat with them. I was flabbergasted to acknowledge such a caring society. I thought such society is only a myth as people are getting busier. Do Malaysians do that? 

Isn't that enough to see how civilized Australians are when compared to our mentality? You may argue that I am just a tourist. But ask yourself. 

- How courteous are the people in our LRTs, KTMs or other public transport? 

- How many times will you hear hornings during traffic jams?

- How courteous is our taxi drivers? Can they be trusted? Are they polite? Even the Australian taxi drivers are well dressed. 

- How many times do you greet a stranger? 

- Can you feel that our society is sick?

Of course, every society has their own problems. Even Australia faces her own. Well, dear Malaysians, instead of watching American Idol or Glee, or CSI or whatsoever media programmes that makes you feel like a Westerner, why not focus on their courtesy? We got a lot more to learn from them. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year in Australia

I thought there is no celebration on CNY until I recently saw this in Chinatown, near Darling Harbour, Sydney. 

chinese new year australia

cny australia

chinese new year australiaManaged to make a greeting photo with this :) By the way, it appeared that the lion dance crew were mainly caucasians! :)

It's so tired as we wandered through the larger Chinatown area there, as well as walking pass through the Harbourside. I shot around 150 photos altogether in RAW format. Sadly, my Photoshop suddenly "dislikes" the format. Strange. 

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year. 

P.S -I don't really care about Valentine's Day, as I'm still single. I just pray that I can find a beautiful soulmate whom I wish to share my life with. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Reunion - Reunited On A New Year

chinese new yearTaken and edited from Sydney as soon as we arrived here. 

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Blog updates will be passive next week, but I will still promise you the Melbourne Day 2 post. Do anticipate the pictures, as they're more surprises yet to be unfold. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Malaysian Advertising vs. Australian Advertising

Please wait a little longer as I'm currently Photoshopping the Day 2 Melbourne photos, kay? :)

At the meantime, let's talk about the media in Australia - Advertising :) Ever since I enrolled into a Degree in communication, I become more aware of the advertising and public relations industry, as well as Journalism too.

And I tell you - It seems like Malaysia's best advertisements only show up during festive seasons, ESPECIALLY from Petronas/ Proton, and so on. Overall, there are only a few decent TV commercials that are truly creative. Some only are just being a slideshow to the audiences.

These are Malaysia's best, to me:

Petronas ads in 2007, this is a tribute to the late Yasmin Ahmad.

Wanna take a look at Australia's ads?

Vegemite- One of the top brands here. 

Pink's V8 Supercars ads

These 2 ads will be enough to tell you how competitive the Australian advertising industries are. And most of the other commercials are similar to their formats! Yep, I like the Vegemite ad the most. I might have a chance to taste one tomorrow :) 

P.S - The best advertising commercials in Malaysia were usually done by Leo Burnett (if I don't add the festive season themed ones)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Melbourne: Through My Lens (Day 1)

Goodday from Sydney, and I can finally go online here as I am currently blogging in my cousins' large American-type house. Good for them as they're living in a bigger house when compared to us.

Anyway, thousand apologies for the delayed post. It's difficult to sort out the best photos to be edited and tweaked for your entertainment. Stay tuned for Day 2 as they will be many photos taken from Tuesday's city tour around Melbourne.

Sypnosis for Day 1 - We left LCCT at 1 am via AirAsia's Airbus A330-300 to the Melbourne International Airport. Before that we reached Kuala Lumpur from Tawau at 3pm using Malaysia Airlines. Of course, MAS services never failed to satisfy me all the time.

Malaysia Airlines

We'd got Labuan there. I edited this photo for you to see Labuan Island clearly.

Reached LCCT at eleven before waiting for 2 more hours there to board the midnight flight. Flight time: 1am to 12pm.

As we reached Melbourne Airport, I admitted that I tercengang-cengang a bit when I saw the gigantic Airbus A380.

Singapore Airlines
What the heck? Where's our 6 Airbuses for MAS? o.0 haha....

Another A380 for Qantas. Expensive rides, though.

I don't think that me and my aunts were treated nicely by the customs as we went through a very tight security check. But I understand that duty calls for them, as the Australians deal with pandemic threats as serious as the Americans deal with terrorism. Thank God we passed the tests. :)

We were welcomed by our aunt from Sydney and this is my first meal in Australia.

beef steak
And I can tell you that the size of the steak sandwich is 3 times more than your ordinary sandwich in Malaysia.

And later on, we went to our hotel in Swanston Street via Taxi, went across to Chinatown for lunch, and after some shopping for my aunts, we went back to the hotel for a sleep. These were the assorted photos of the day, according to sequences :)




swanston grand mercure

swanston grand mercure



Chinatown Melbourne

melbourne chinatown

melbourne chinatown

Well, that's all for Day 1 in Melbourne. Stay tuned for Day 2's photography results. Meantime, I'm having a great time in Sydney now :)