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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Champagne Glass Distribution

I was recalling what I am learning about Global Societies recently. I should say, it's pretty interesting to know how the real world looks like, but it is pointless for educators to just teach such stuffs to students if they just choose to live in the real world without thinking about changing it through collaboration. 

Have a look at this graph. 

Well, this is the Champagne Glass Distribution of the world income. By looking at this, you already know that the world is unfair. The world's 20% top richest earns more than 80 percent of all income? Is that fair for all? 

You may even wonder, why is the distribution like that? Answer is simple: exploitation and social stratification. 

Among all 6 billion humans on Earth, half of them already were hanging by a thread to survive. They were struggling to survive as they were in hunger and poverty. Every single day, 34,000 of them died due to starvation and preventable diseases, while the rest of the world are finding their own profits. 

Within the same billion number figure, there are already millions of slaves and human trafficking victims in the world, and it's still increasing. Just ask the labours brought in from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillipines and you will know that they are one of them. Even if they have the medical checkups and some contracts that benefit them in their jobs, RM 1500 per month isn't enough to live in a city like KL. 

At the end of the day, capitalism exploits everything. The reason why we don't realize this fact is because we are actually one of the top 20 percent richest people. Surprised? Do some research and realize that this is a fact. 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Arrivals Reloaded: Reviews From A Christian

The Arrivals Reloaded was a WakeUp Project production with the aid of broadcasting media from Ary News UK and Pakistan. This series is the television-adapted version of the infamous Youtube series "The Arrivals"

What makes this series interesting is this 10 episodes documentary presented an eye-opening perception on how the Apocalypse (Great Tribulation) will come as the days of the Antichrist/ Dajjal are approaching. Despite the Islamic nature of the series, the documentary also used verses from the Bible in aid of explaining their arguments. 

In short terms, let me conclude their messages. 

In today's world where corruption is everywhere, we are governed by a shadow government that silently manipulates our environment - economics, trends, entertainment, beliefs. We don't see this directly, instead, they communicate with us using the power of subliminal messages

These are how they communicate with you: 

Nickelodeon's Commercial (notice the pyramid and the all-seeing eye)

from Rihanna and Jay-Z's "Umbrella"  video clip. (Instead of seeing a body, you are seeing a goat-head demon). 

These subliminal messages are possible if this shadow government takes over smaller corporations like a conglomerate in the business world, thus preparing the world for their New World Order agenda. 

To the viewers who don't know the term New World Order, N.W.O means a globalization term where the whole world is governed as One. And obviously, it is fascist, as the Bible and the Quran told us that there will be deceptions and killings everywhere. 

You can see many clues about this unethical form of globalization. For example, ever realized why America and Israel are like BFFs? Why the image of Islam today is badly tarnished whenever a terrorist act happens (e.g. the recent Russian bombings)? Why there are movies like Legion and 2012 seems misleading?

The Arrivals, however, doesn't reveal who the Antichrist is. However, we are told that this shadow government (the anti-NWO messengers call them the Illuminati - the "enlightened" ones)  is preparing the way for him to arrive. They also tell us to be united regardless our differences as we face the persecutions. 

So, if you are interested to view the Arrivals Reloaded. Visit >here

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Glimpse of Shifting into the Lakeside Campus

Rejoice readers, photography posts are back in Your.World.Pixelated! :)

Sorry, I won't be using my magazine posting style, though, as I'm still stuck with a lot of assignments.

By the way, enjoy these shots as I'd took them yesterday in Taylor's Lakeside Campus. (A Through-My-Lens post will be covering the whole campus soon) 

Building blocks :)


I went alone yesterday to inquire some foundation courses for someone who can be considered dear to me, or should I say, my secondary junior and lifelong friend. Yepp, after the inquiries and the Q&A sessions, I have to stay until 2pm for the bus. 

And yepp, I wanna comment about the bus. The bus service is not terrible, it is punctual, but not efficient enough to accommodate the large number of students waiting and returning from the campus. And yes, even if you are below Ridzuan/ Suriamas Condominium @ 6 am, it doesn't mean you will enter the bus when you're surrounded by a whole load of students. 

But praise the Lord I found someone to car pool with. A brother in Christ. :) The only problem for us if we carpool is the parking space. Yes, the campus is overpopulated with students from different schools. 

Maybe I will be moving somewhere near the campus. 

Somehow, let God decide my future. It seems to be brighter, but this is just now, not the future yet. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Asians Who Don't Want To Be Asians

Isn't this an alarming phenomenon that we all should get aware of? 

Credits to Bong who shared this in Facebook last night. 

It's really pointless to see somebody who rejects his/her own culture, calling it inferior, and to follow the dominating trend. As if English is the real ticket of survival and being a Caucasian means you're superior. 

In the video, that girl is trying to prove that she speaks better English than her teacher. Just because you speak better English doesn't mean you're superior like the Westerners. And that doesn't make any sense at all. 

Plus, instead of going the Chinese (Eastern) way of courtesy, they even dress in a more revealing manner like what the Caucasians usually wear in summer days. I mean, what's the point on following the dominant culture?

Personally, let me share to you something: 

I was once being caught up with the trend of being Western. I was one of the top scorers in English way back primary and secondary school, and I love Western food all the way round. 

But everytime when I open my mouth and speak in their American or Australian slang, I don't feel that I am myself anymore. I was feeling like I'm caught into another identity, which is not me. 

C'mon-lah Asians. (See, I'm very proud of the Malaysian/Singaporean slang) 

The Western culture is not for you to follow. You follow it because you're caught up in a hegemony where culture imperialism is an invisible force around you. Why give up your identity and follow one's other culture? Ask yourself. 

And by the way, what would the real Caucasians think when you Asians wanna follow their ways? I bet they are laughing at you now, because the ones who leave their identities are like Western-wannabes. Even if you are able to speak their slang fluently, you still don't have the looks. Okay, don't go for a plastic surgery to make your face to be like Megan Fox/ Taylor Laurent, kay? 

Be yourself. Just be yourself. The Western culture is a nice culture, but don't overdo yourself to be one of them. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Resource-Based Economy: The Way Towards World Peace?

RT News: Interviews Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project from aaron vannatta on Vimeo.

This is an interview of inventor and futurist designer and social engineer, Jacque Fresco, who is also the founder of the Venus Project. This project's theme is to redesign our social ways of living to improve our society beyond money and politics, eliminating competition so that humanity can collaborate as a whole to discover more. 

Do keep notice of the words of wisdom he mentioned. He's currently 94 years old, by the way :) 

Of course, eliminating the monetary system (which causes scarcity that leads to social problems), building a sustainable human environment and getting everybody to be under ONE human race is difficult, but to archive the impossible, it needs everybody's power to revolutionize our environment. 

Don't we love everlasting peace? Of course, there's no movement other than this ideology because it covers a large scope. But what's smart is Peter Joseph (the founder) managed to explain the flaws of society. 

Though Joseph's lectures are too long, I suggest all of you to listen to it. Next, it's all about you to decide if you want this current system (capitalism - monetary based) to stay, or to live in a better environment where you'll begin to meet sincere people. 

If you're interested to find out more, do visit the Zeitgeist Movement >site

Forget about prejudices, try at least listen to the proposal for the future. I understand that you may not agree 100% of the movement's idea, but do listen to it, or at least share this to your friend. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Craving for Portrait Lens Right Now | Screw Materialism


If you think that I'm using a f/2.8 or a f/1.4 sorta lens, then think again. :) I was only using the usual 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 standard kit lens. This was only done through the technique of blurring via Photoshop, with the cocktail mix of a gradient layer. That is to increase the shallow depth of field. 

Aite, I had a RM 200+ (A$ 80.00) tripod I got from Sydney, I had a Nissin Di622, and a decent camera and kit lens, but somehow I intended to want more. As a whole, I had a basic camera kit already. But to the viewers out there who are also an amateur photographer like me, I bet you also feel the same thing, right? 

Screw materialism. The business world needs our scarcity (needs) in order for the system to run. If the world is more to resource-based, then we can straightaway go for the best cameras ever - Canon 1D Mk. 4, Nikon D3X, Hasselblad H4D50, etc. Perhaps people might collaborate with each other to make a universally high-end camera for everyone? 

Our lives are mostly indoctrinated by the monetary system and thus, it forms our general understanding of life. Well, in this world, we pay less and we get the lesser feature in an item. But what if your stuffs were being stolen, isn't that fair? 

Materialism may reward you, but if you get caught into that trend, one day it will slowly leave you behind. 

You want tasty food, but you won't enjoy it if you are old, as you need more healthier food to survive. 

You want jewellery and blings, but you won't take them away from this life to the afterlife. 

You need cosmetics to stay and look young, but one day you will grow old. 

You want fame and glory, but one day you will be just another actor in the stage (Life's Brief Candle)

Screw materialism =.=