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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The 12 Year Old Girl Who Silenced The World

A number of years ago, a 12 year old activist named Severn Suzuki bravely stepped herself in front of the world leaders by addressing the them on the environmental-social issue. Indeed, she stunned the whole world with such speech. 

And today, her voice still impacts the whole world, but even so, the same bullshits happened time by time and the unlucky people are still suffering in hunger and poverty, leaving the other working class individuals to struggle for their lives, fighting and earning money for their families and themselves. 

Well, I'd viewed that clip ever since March 2010 when I was following the Z-Day 2010 live update from New York, and I was so astonished that there are people in such ages who are trying to express our social problems to the leaders. I wonder if people really take her message so seriously, as we're only focusing on our self-interests in our career, family and education. Whenever something wrong happens to them, they just complain. And when they complain, they only think about themselves. Most of the time, there's no solutions in complaining. 

Like it or not, that's the mentality of the global society. 

I'm typing this out not only to complain and rant, as I look at blogging NOT just a hobby or sharing our my photography posts, I am also dedicating my online space for the public sphere in order to provoke the thoughts to demand for a social change. You see, we can't afford to live like this. You earn extra income monthly, but the inflation's devaluating your money value. You see people dying in war, accidents and natural disasters, financial crisis, recession, unemployment, the increasing poverty rate, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, the lack of sustainability of consumer products, price rise, etc, don't you feel that something is wrong? 

Think about it. 

If a 12 year old can address such problems, why can't you? Don't you want to see a more humane change? Our society is already screwed up with many unnecessary problems. 

But first, the change must begin within you. If you are change your ways of thinking, question our ways of living and be vary of the problems of it, provoke others' thoughts about this social issue as well. Make a viral transformation out of it, and make others' realize that how important it is for us to understand our roles to change the world. 

There are already several documentaries telling us the necessity to change the world. Check this >site< out and view them by yourselves. You will realize how serious my message is here in this post. 

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change - Michael Jackson. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Call of Duty 7: Black Ops

Modern Warfare 2 is an awesome game, as I always love to change from one weapon to another weapon with different scopes/sights (but I always stick to red dot sights). Too bad Malaysian Internet sucks. It's not adequate enough to play even COD4 in Garena. Plus, the storyline is incredible, and with Hans Zimmer's composed soundtracks, you will feel touched when you're playing the whole single campaign, specially when you're playing Pvt. Ramirez of the US Rangers. 

I knew the new game's introduction since a few weeks ago, and I would like to share to you here. :) 

Here's the gameplay for the new COD - Call of Duty: Black Ops. 

Hmmm, looks like we're going back to the Vietnam War.

The happy thing is Treyarch is the one of the developers of this new version of the COD franchise. Meaning, the animations will be more realistic, of course with the cost of violence. For your information, Treyarch was also the developer of Call of Duty: World At War - the last COD version that documents the Second World War through the eyes of Dimitri of the Red Army (vs. Nazi Germany) and Private Miller of the American Marines (vs. the Japanese Imperial Army)

I hope this time they will include something like the Nazi Zombie rounds in the new game, perhaps a Vietcong Zombie map in the game? 

Don't ask me about the weapons, I'm not sure if the game is playing in 2 different eras. Based on the gameplay, the E3 conference only displayed the Vietnam War era. But in this official trailer (below), I can see soldiers using more modern weapons compared to the 1960s. For example, the AK74u, Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun and the Steyr AUG are not used in the Vietnam War as they were introduced in the 1970s. 

Can't wait to see this in around 2 months' time. Meanwhile, this is the official trailer. Gosh, nowadays games are like movies. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Excuse Me, Please Be Considerate When You Complain

This will be a picture-less post as I'm ranting about something.

You know, recently I read a letter from the NST newspapers and I stumbled upon this article. 

I REFER to the report "Sabah, Sarawak teachers to be sent back" (NST July 19).
My daughter will be sitting the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah this year. She did poorly in Science when she started her Year 6 this year.

When her performance started to decline, I took the opportunity to meet her Science teacher.

Earlier, my girl had told me that the teacher was from Sabah. Upon meeting him, I was shocked to find that he could not speak in English at all. How can a teacher who cannot speak English teach Science in English? 
We are really going backwards in our education. This is more evidence for why the teaching of Science and Maths in English was no longer possible.

I had no choice but to teach my girl personally as much as I could, and she has since improved.

I believe teachers from Sabah and Sarawak should be sent back, as the students there can better understand them. We cannot afford to use our students to teach the teacher English.

Wow, sounds like 1Malaysia spirit eh? 

So, to the author, are you trying to say that you're underestimating our English? I welcome you to the Land Below the Wind, where even the Kadazans and Dusuns are able to speak decent English, where many of us are able to study in English spoken countries like England and Australia and many of our families speak English as our mother tongue. 

And you were just making one understatement only by seeing ONE Sabahan teacher?

And, by the way, are all West Malaysian teachers teaching good English at the same time too? Regardless their origins, be it East or West Malaysia, we both have the same flaws, don't they? You're just being one-sided, as you are judging one rotten apple instead of the whole teachers' pool in our education system. 

Last but not least, THINK before you complain. Just because people like you assume that we are still living on trees and whatnot doesn't mean we are incompetent in English! We are polite and humble, so treat us the way you love to be treated. Do some good research on us, or do care to visit us before you judge our English proficiency! 

Many of the present day West Malaysians are knowing the East Malaysians' world better when compared to the past. It's a good thing, and thank God so far I did not bump into some narrow-minded people who still assume us that we are still living on trees.  

Yes, when Sabah and Sarawak just entered Malaysia, my elder generation do face those problems, but now, I don't think I have any problems interacting with West Malaysians here. Instead, I do managed to get to know many nice friends here in KL. Cheers. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Emphatic Civilization?

This is one of the things that I question myself nowadays.

The presenter was Jeremy Rifkin, a social and ethical prophet and a political adviser. And this clip is from, one very good site with such presentations with clear illustrated mind maps.  

I am hoping for something like that in my lifetime, though it sounds idealistic. We'd been talking about the caring society who really helps the broken and the needed, as well as being told in our society and our religions to love one another and care for the needy. Besides, we were being told and moved to donate to those who are victims of war and natural disasters all the time, as well as to promote peace. 

But then, why the world never changes, despite our technologies have been advancing over the years? As what the author said, we'd been trying to find our true identities, and slowly we'd been evolving from families, to religious/theistic identity to national identity (like 1Malaysia). Well, religion and patriotism have only managed to unite one region of people, and they usually contradict each other, though they provide good values to a certain extent. 

The old appeals to racial, sexual, religious chauvinism and to rabid nationalist fervor are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed. We are one planet.   - Carl Sagan 

The TRUE identity of us is, we're one human race - 1Human species - homo sapiens/homo empathicus. We have grown from our ancestors' conciousness which we may refer to as "barbarism" (like when they were sending some people into the Coliseum and see them fight to the death - when compared today we're seeing Fernando Torres and Frank Lampard playing football, what do you feel?

Of course in order to change, idealistically speaking, we have to change and remove our business mindset. Money is such a delusion when you check in the process called Creation of Money. The banks are just creating debts. 

That is what I'm hoping for - a moneyless, caring society which is resource-based. The current world has witnessed billions of people are facing hunger and poverty. We can actually do something about it. Instead of complaining, why not discuss those problems and provoke these thoughts to others to question the system itself? 

If things can't change, then ask yourself, why in the 1960s, Americans are able to overcome the influence of their Vietnam War propaganda? Why in the past we are able to surpass all racial statements and criticize the Apartheid policy? Why the people in the former Soviet Union managed to overthrow the corrupted Communist government? 

Well, it's plain easy - the ideology of humanity is growing. We want peace and harmony. Life is short, and we only live it once, why not give us a chance to love one another and to cherish each other? As what the author said, we're designed for affection and companionship, NOT violence and all the anti-social bullcraps. 

P.S - I don't believe in anarchism, in case you ask, unless humans really know how to make use of technology for the use of automated labour to replace human labour. For now, we need a leader, it's just that we don't know who's corrupted and who's not. Ever since my 2nd semester in my Journalism course, I developed a sense of Neo-Marxism towards the world we're currently living in. Having such ideology in mind further increased my understandings about this planet. 

In case you assume me as a secularist, sorry, I'm a Christian- Humanist. I do believe in God's existence, but then we shouldn't be just preaching about God's words, we should practice it. Our religions teach us to love one another, don't they? 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving On


I knew that everyone of us has change, as we're more diversified than ever after we're no longer under one roof, but the bonds of friendship and togetherness are still powerful. 

And that inspired me to edit this into something like this. :) 

Posting something like this reminded me to move on. (Yes, I am moving on) I grew from that roof, questioning more about life, trying to change for the better, question more of my purpose in life, and what you have is me today. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enough of Chronic Hunger! (1 Billion Hungry Project)

Keep in mind that I am not paid for typing this. I am supporting something that I believe. 

How about a reality check on global hunger and poverty?

- 15 million children are dying due to hungry every year, someone dies every 3.6 seconds due to it.

- 3 billion people are currently struggling as they are surviving less than $2 per day, as waves of financial crisis affecting inflation impacts global prices around the world.

- 183 million children facing malnutrition

- 500 million in Asia, Latin America and Africa listed under poverty level. 

- World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 2 thirds of the world are not well-fed, as half of them are under chronic hunger.  

These are just a few facts on today's hunger issue. If you do your own research, you might find out how much threatening this problem is to humanity if we just keep an ignorant eye away from it. 

Don't you want to do something about it? Of course, you can't take it anymore when you look at the numbers of those who are suffering, DON'T YOU? 

Do check this site out, >click here<  1BillionHungry Project. It is an organization that fights for the hungry and helpless men with a vision to gather 1 billion concerned voices to pressure the United Nations' leaders to help eradicate hunger (and poverty). 

Please sign if you care. 

Meanwhile, do take a look at this clip. Don't you feel that the world is NOT in a good shape? 

At the same time, dear readers, when you feel like complaining about such issues, why not question the system itself at the same time. Think about the root causes of why our society becomes sick and dysfunctional. Once you understand the importance of relating our social problems to the corruption of our system, spread this awareness to your friends, family and relative. We cannot allow ourselves to continue living like this, as many had already been left out. 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

2nd Semester

Thank you for the classmates who inform me both directly and indirectly in Facebook. haha. I really feel happy for my results, as I'm worried for my Media Literacies (ML) and Issues in Publication and Design (IPD) the most. 

And indeed, I got 3 Credits and 1 P1, which is not as good as the first sem, but it's enough to survive the period. 

Overall, I felt so depressed for this previous semester. But let me start with the happy stuff first. Well, first is this - somebody whom I dislike has already left my life for good when I returned to KL after my Australian trip. Well, I won't mention who he is here, but then I keep that happiness for myself as I'm sharing it here. Not syok sendiri tau? :)

And second, before we moved to the Lakeside Campus, life in Leisure Commercial Square (LCS) rocks, as every week we can have outings during breaks or after class, as well as having good study discussions through some assignments with them. 


This is one of them. My birthday celebration in Sunway Pyramid. This pic is taken by Bong's Canon EOS 500D. He later upgraded his cam into a 550D. 

But then, ever since the move to the new campus, I felt that things changed and I felt depressed, because I felt like everyone's changing and so on, as well as feeling of the fear of facing higher expenditures after the move. You see, things in Taylor's are kinda expensive. Yes, there are cheap food, but then the portion?

But somehow, God gave me a comfort of SMS-es from someone during those first periods in the Lakeside. It was from Elaine, my childhood friend who was undergoing National Service that time. Haha, it's kinda fun messaging each other from day to night every weekends, and I'm glad that she's fine after the experience. Now, she will be studying Management in KK. Good luck :) Thank God for her. 

Plus, I felt the He also provided me with more companions from my church over there. Suddenly I met more people in the church this semester. Hopefully He will give me some of His selected candidates for me to date with? haha, just kidding

Hopefully my laziness in this second semester will not happen again. I'd been drinking a total of more than 12 Livita cans this sem. Sigh. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

When Will We Be Concious? WAKE UP HUMANITY!

Recently a number of bloggers updated their pages with this news. >The Star<, and gosh, we're going to be in another hell of crisis again. 

Well, to those who are lazy to click on the link. Let me tell you some bad news. 

Prices are going up for fuel and sugar. 

I don't blame our Malaysian government for making this decision. Well, they no longer subsidized fuel and sugar for the sake of the people, while at the same time, they are facing an increasing number of debt to the central bank, just like any other nations in this Earth. 

Looks like oil prices are now feared to rise in conjunctions of the April Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident, as humanity has witness the biggest pollution event that ever happen in the history of mankind, where we have lost thousands of gallons of oil leaking across the oceans surrounding the area. Until now, there is no proper solution for the leaking problem. 

And once again, oil prices will rise due to the sense that we have been losing many resources due to the oil spill. It once happened in the mid of this decade where there were wars in oil dominant nations and many destructions of refineries happened in Iraq and Nigeria. 

And then the food, oil and financial crisis punch in later in 2008-09. 

Get the idea here? Just now, I had triggered an open discussion in Nuffnang Innit to ask people not to look at politics, as our community tends to question our Malaysian politics too much. Instead, please question about the system itself. It's the system that corrupts everyone of us. 

Of course, you will see how much cunning the monetary system is to us. Do make some research in economics, and you'll see that our financial system is nothing but a fraud. Why money? Why the social stratification? We're all born the same way, isn't it? 

Of course, you will feel why our place is no longer safe. We've been hearing increasing numbers of crimes and terrorism internationally, as well as the financial crisis and recession. You can't even trust the news anymore. If you relate all of them together, well, money is the roots of those everyday problems. 

Once again, my point here is, instead of complaining about the troubles, why not question the system itself? 

I end my post with this clip from the 1976 film called "Network". This makes sense to our world today, isn't it? Different periods, same old shit. 


By the way, view this >documentary<. It's called Zeitgeist: Addendum. It may not be 100% accurate as it is a secular-type of film, it advocates the message for social change for the better. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tawau Yacht Club Gathering

Pictures in random order. These are meant for memories. And yes, it's friendship values are there though it's not meant for commercial style. :) Mostly edited with Lightroom 3. 

There were a total of 171 RAW type photos taken that day, I only assorted a few right here. :) Can't wait to cover 2011's Chinese New Year with you old buddies. 
















Missing you people =) Well, they are the group of ex-classmates whom I regard as medical students. 1 of them is studying Law. Professionals, lol, but I don't feel intimidated by it, cause we're on our own tracks right now. 

Koh - 3rd year Medical student in USM, Kelantan. 
Liau - Dentistry, 1st year in IMU, Bkt Jalil
Michelle - Pharmacist 1st year, in England
Shia - Pharmacist in IMU
Pui Man - Law student. 

Some I din managed to keep in touch with. Hopefully CNY 2011 is one truly happening day for we ex-schoolmates. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

An Interview With Paul the Psychic Octopus

This is a random post I thought after the Spain World Cup victory. Just imagine in Sea Life Centre, Germany, there is a press conference happening and Paul's aquarium is pulled out for journalists to be interviewed. This is the (informal)transcript. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Pulpo Paul, or Paul the Octopus. 

Question: First of all, congratulations for the 100% accuracy of your forecast in this World Cup. How have you been throughout this game? You have already gained huge publicity for being so accurate in your football predictions.

Paul: I'm fine, thank you. However, I don't feel proud to be under this kind of situation. It's NOT comfortable, you know to have so many of you humans flashing and viewing at me while I'm enjoying my meal. It's impolite, and yes, YOU'RE VIOLATING MY PRIVACY!

Question: Can you share to us on how you managed to predict such accurate forecasts on the matches you claimed in the World Cup and EURO 2008?

Paul: I don't actually understand myself on how I managed to do so. Perhaps I'd been growing up with my master who is a football fanatic that always talks and rants about this game called "football". Next thing I know, everytime he feeds me, I can see visions of some humans, especially those in white clothings and black shorts (the German jersey?) chasing some balls around in a green field with some random men in another clothing. Whenever they kick that ball into one giant net, they just run hysterically, as if they are running for their lives or something. But strange, they seem to be happy about it. 

Question: So that is why you managed to do so. We wanted to interview you after you predicted the Germany-England match, but too bad you're busy and your owner wants you to rest. And you decided very quickly on it. Any comments?

Paul: You know that I was born in England and I was brought up in Germany. Kinda dilemma on that, but let's take emotions aside. I saw visions of a red-shirt guy feeling frustrated even though he managed to kick that bloody ball into the big net (possibly referring to Frank Lampard's disallowed goal). That's strange, and I guess that makes me feel that they are losing. And by the way, I was very hungry that time. That is why I quickly rushed into that box for the meal. 

Question: And later on you predicted another German win against Argentina. Don't you know that Argentina is a more renowned team in the game?

Paul: I have no idea whose who in that bloody game. I saw a similar story like the one with the red shirt. Some blue stripes men were at first so happy about the their success on putting the ball on the net and then got sad about it. Sounds like a heartbreak for the one in blue. So, I guess that tells me to eat from the one with the German flag. 

Question: After these 2 latest forecasts, you begin looking at this country called Spain. Why?

Paul: You think I alter the truth or something? I saw visions and I just go in favour with the flags. No strings attached. Gosh, I hate those nightmares of humans kicking some balls into some sort of giant fishing net. 

Question: A victory debut for you when you predict a World Cup Finals for the first time, and this time not involving the team of your country, Germany.  

Paul: Oh! Thank you, that's pretty easy. I only saw something like a yellow card, and what's weird on my vision was it was always thrown by a bald man to a group of orange shirted men. Yeah, there are some which were aimed at some black shirted ones, but then it tends to be thrown at the orange ones. And suddenly, I saw one of the yellow cards turned into a red one. That gave me an instinct for me to go to the right. What a weird dream, mate, with cards to be thrown at humans. 

Question: Let me quote this from Wikipedia about you. 

According to Sea Life's entertainment director, Daniel Fey, Paul demonstrated intelligence early in life:
There was something about the way he looked at our visitors when they came close to the tank. It was so unusual, so we tried to find out what his special talents were

Any comments, Paul?

Paul: Of course they feel weird about me. I can see through their stories and lives. My gosh, please don't mistaken me for seeing through their clothes. 

Question: Well, you know that you have 2 contenders for your predictions. Mani, a parakeet from Singapore, and Pauline, a Dutch octopus claiming to have the ability like yours. But, you already have the results going by your side. Any responses to this fact?

Paul: Haha! Wannabes. Wait! You said a Pauline? I'm interested to meet her. :) I wanna see how good her "ability" is. 

Question: You have get into trouble ever since you chose Spain over your country, Germany. And there are death threats aiming at you currently. Are you worried about it much?

Paul: I was just telling the truth. I can feel that those instinct of mine wants me to express my visions by choosing one of those containers. Gosh, some humans have problems accepting truth. 

Question: However, you have good admirers, including Spain's Prime Minister, Mr. Jose Luis Rodriguez and his cabinet members. Sounds like you'll get protection in Spain. 

Paul: Looks like their leader has favour on me. They better put me in a bigger house with more food supplies. But what if I foresee the ones in red get beaten to a pulp? Will they kill me as well? NO WAY I'MMA GONNA BE SUSHI! Kill me now if you don't want any forecast sights for the future games! 

Question: Recently, a report says that you'd been encouraging gamblers to gain the jackpot up to half a million pounds, according to a Guardian post. Any comments, Paul? 

Paul: I guess it has nothing to do with me. I just follow my instincts for food and vision. Furthermore, I don't know much about you humans, except on the fact that you guys love kicking balls into that giant net. 

Question: Your psychic gift - To you, is it a blessing or a curse?

Paul: I think it's a curse. It's a blessing if I can make a living out of it. Perhaps I would have more better food, a larger house, or even a hot mate to breed with. But instead of luxury, I was threatened by death! C'mon! I'm just telling the truth, even if it's wrong. 

Question: Last but not least, can we give you a challenge? Here we provide you with 50 mini containers, each representing a country in Europe, and what we want you to do is to pick out a country which you think will win the EURO 2012 cup. 

Paul: (Looks at the containers, trembling......) God damn, this is so hard. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Spain For The World Cup 2010 Edition?

Paul the Octopus once again picks Spain for the World Cup Finals. This creature is so interesting. I know there's another animal predicting Holland to win - a parrot. 

I wonder what if he predicts the Germany-Uruguay match. But I found this from Russia Today's youtube clip. Sounds like a victory for Germany. :)

Anyway, Malaysians, have you ever saw this picture circulation before? 

Sounds like good news. Malaysian football is gonna get pumped up in the future (hopefully)! xD Obviously this is edited, as I found this pic circulating over Facebook. lols

P.S - Stop thinking about killing an animal creature for nothing. Even if this Octopus has an ability to predict future matches, he is just "doing" its job. All you have to do is to appreciate such talents even if it's about probability. In other words, it's all about how you are willing to accept the truth, even if Paul predicts the wrong thing. 

Let him live. And celebrate the game with peace. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

The World Cup So Far: Of Karma, Vuvuzelas, and Unpredictable Moments

I already edited the photos, but please be patient ya? :) 

And now. What is the World Cup 2010 to you? 

To those who had followed my blog these few weeks, you all will sure know that I had made 2 unsuccessful predictions on who will be entering the World Cup finals.

1st claim: Brazil vs Argentina (both teams are out within 1 day)
2nd claim: Germany vs Holland (at least Holland made it) 

And YES! Thank you Carles Puyol who scored that wonderful header. Though my 2nd prediction almost went accurate. lols

So, the finals will be Spain and Holland. Both teams never won a World Cup before, and hence this World Cup will have a new champion, and certainly this 2010 edition shows favour to a European team who won the first World Cup outside their own continent. 

And besides, what makes this World Cup more interesting and special? 

1. Karma: 
This one is from my perception. 

You see, the reason why I say this is, I support the European teams and the Asian teams (except North Korea). England, Korea, Spain, Portugal and Holland are my favourites, hence. But then, when England got bashed seriously by Germany, I began disliking Germany. Haha. But then I got so happy that they were beaten by Spain. 

How about South Korea's case? Uruguay got eliminated by Holland, right? :) And Paraguay who eliminated Japan were also being sent home too. 

And so the villians are gone. xD 

2. Vuvuzelas. 

Let me express something here - this thing is ANNOYING!!! It makes the whole stadium sounded as if there is a swarm of bees everywhere, and all of the 64 matches are having the same sound effect. And worse, when I watched live streaming, I even stumbled upon some vuvuzela ads that blowed my speakers out. 

Even Youtube loves that trumpet. 

Look at that red ball icon and click it. Vuvuzelas. swt. 

3. Paul the Octopus

Someone from Nuffnang Innit told me about this creature from a German aquarium that has been predicting the Germany matches in the World Cup with pinpoint precision, surprisingly. I don't understand why God gifted it with some Nostradamic ability to foresee the German team. 

Well, based on the picture, it works this way. Paul was given the same food from 2 containers, each represents a nation team. If Paul takes, err, let's say Germany over some other nations, Paul predicts that Germany will win. 

And recently, this Octopus has shocked the world as it predicted that Spain enter the finals. WOHOO!!!!

But then the sad news is, this Octopus is under death threats by some unscrupulous football fans. C'mon, killing Paul won't reverse the time. What's done is done. 

What will he says about the Germany-Uruguay match soon? 

4. Unpredictable, Happy and Angry Moments

Let some of the clips tell you about it, okay? Particularly Robert Green's fault and Lampard's disallowed goal. lols. I focused more on England, as I supported England the most. 

Korea's unfortunate own goal. I was shocked that time.

Last but not least

Enjoy your World Cup finals xD
Despite the disallowed goals and some injustice in the game, the South Africa World Cup rocks!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Sunset


When it comes to sunsets, it gives different people various interpretations on what it is to them. Some say that it is a beauty of nature, some say that it is love, etc. 

To me, sunsets are reminiscence. This picture was taken at Tawau Yacht Club, the same day we went photoshooting there. I haven't edit all of them though. Sorry. Anyway, do you still remember the friends of your past? We should cherish them more, as your common grounds are getting lesser and lesser. I do miss them, every bits of them. Like it or not, our lives have to go on. 

This is one of the completed photos. Takkan I wanna all of them, otherwise you won't be coming back for the full set, right? :) Plus, Photobucket's kinda slow here. 

And indeed, we have change a lot all these years. :) 

Full post, coming soon. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

So A European Team Will Be Winning the 2010 World Cup.

Looks like I'm wrong. Don't read this post anymore. Brazil was forced out by Holland, while Argentina was recently outclassed by Germany. And none of my favourites here are going to the finals. Hahahaaz.....

Source: From a Wordpress site. 

So, Messi and his ball experts failed to drag themselves over Germany, while Kaka and his kaki bolas failed to qualify for the semi finals over Holland. The recent one was disappointing, like what I felt for England. C'mon, even Upson and Lampard managed to score. (Though Lampard's one was disallowed)

That means - European teams will be dominating this match, which is a good news. But looks like I am beginning to have a sense of dislike on Germany. Still, I'm happy, since it was the South American teams who punched out Japan and South Korea. 

Anyway, my new prediction. 

but they have to go through Spain (sure Spain will enter)


they have to go against Uruguay (I bet they will win)

But then this is not accurate, as I guess the wrong teams getting into the finals. Anyway, should a European team wins the World Cup, Europe will have 10 World Cups altogether, compared to the South American's 9 victories in the FIFA records. According to CNN

Friday, July 2, 2010

Tawau Yacht Club - Preview

I thank God for the times spent with my old friends who once studied with me under the roof. At first I spent time with Fadhlan, Teo and Yong Chen Yee with the usual Left 4 Dead 2 matches and the Nostalgia suppers. Then Fadhlan and Teo left for KL and KK respectively. :) Thus, that leads me to another group of ex-classmates.

Yesterday, what is unexpected is this. We went for some picture-taking in Tawau Yacht Club. Of course, it is not professional themed. It was just meant for memories. haha

I love their seafood, by the way. Totally delicious.

The ones who were there - Shia, Michelle Dieh, Cheong Pui Man, Koh, and Liau. All of them surprisingly were under the Medical field - 2 Pharmacists, 1 Dentist, 1 Doctor. Pui Man was on the exception, she's studying Law, by the way. 

Altogether we took 170+ photos, and some 20 pictures for Debrianty's birthday and farewell gathering. She'll be studying in KK. Looks like I'm going to pour my efforts in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop. I haven't even edit the ones took during Joanne Chew's birthday. 

And so, this is only my preview for this gathering. :)