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Friday, April 23, 2010

Asians Who Don't Want To Be Asians

Isn't this an alarming phenomenon that we all should get aware of? 

Credits to Bong who shared this in Facebook last night. 

It's really pointless to see somebody who rejects his/her own culture, calling it inferior, and to follow the dominating trend. As if English is the real ticket of survival and being a Caucasian means you're superior. 

In the video, that girl is trying to prove that she speaks better English than her teacher. Just because you speak better English doesn't mean you're superior like the Westerners. And that doesn't make any sense at all. 

Plus, instead of going the Chinese (Eastern) way of courtesy, they even dress in a more revealing manner like what the Caucasians usually wear in summer days. I mean, what's the point on following the dominant culture?

Personally, let me share to you something: 

I was once being caught up with the trend of being Western. I was one of the top scorers in English way back primary and secondary school, and I love Western food all the way round. 

But everytime when I open my mouth and speak in their American or Australian slang, I don't feel that I am myself anymore. I was feeling like I'm caught into another identity, which is not me. 

C'mon-lah Asians. (See, I'm very proud of the Malaysian/Singaporean slang) 

The Western culture is not for you to follow. You follow it because you're caught up in a hegemony where culture imperialism is an invisible force around you. Why give up your identity and follow one's other culture? Ask yourself. 

And by the way, what would the real Caucasians think when you Asians wanna follow their ways? I bet they are laughing at you now, because the ones who leave their identities are like Western-wannabes. Even if you are able to speak their slang fluently, you still don't have the looks. Okay, don't go for a plastic surgery to make your face to be like Megan Fox/ Taylor Laurent, kay? 

Be yourself. Just be yourself. The Western culture is a nice culture, but don't overdo yourself to be one of them. 


Supia said...

you are so right. I am proud to be Asian too. Proud to have to Malaysian slang also.

Be proud of yourself la.

erwinator said...

Asian cultures are very colorful. It's ok to like other cultures but we must learn to love and remember ours. :-D

M a n n R u i said...

i saw this in facebook too
awww , its so sad that i cant watch =_-
dono what prob with hostel line =_=

btw , we should proud of what we are right =)
i am glad that i am asian

Victor Tan said...

supia and erwin: yess, Asian culture is our heritage. Our identity's heritage. Don't let Western hegemony take control of you. xD

Rui: she's ranting about her teacher who is not good in English, while she herself can't pronounce some English words well. Yepp, Internet speed is still the prob.

kenwooi said...

lol.. she should work on her english first before commenting on others =P

Victor Tan said...

ken: ya, noob right? hahah

Dewi Batrishya said...

LoL.. One trying -to -be-funny chick!
I mean, seriously? Hurm..
Thanks for sharing neways!

shaz said...

i'm glad tat u actually share this vid out!!! xD
it's freaking funny k! hahaha... xD
"weeeli weeeli WEEEELI WISH to share this to the whole worllll..." hahahaha!!! xD

Victor Tan said...

dewi and shaz: welcome :) I had enough seeing many people who wants to be Asian. It's super common to see "super-Westernized" Asians especially when you are in a private college.