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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Malaysian Trending In Twitter?

For the first time ever, I saw a Malaysian trending in Twitter.

It's NOT Mahathir, it's not Anwar, it's not Najib, it's CHONG WEI!!!!!

Haha, Datuk Lee, sorry for the loss as you got rapid punched by Lin "Ip Man" Dan, but we're still proud of having you getting the silver medal.

And yes, Malaysia salutes you.

This shows that you never walk alone! :)

*Updated - I recently thought of some chants for Chong Wei as I browsed through some Man Utd chants in youtube. So, I might as well share it here. 

From Nemanja Vidic - 

Lee Chong Wei, ohhhhh! Lee Chong Wei, ohhhh! He comes from Malaysia. He'll fckin smashes ya!

From Ryan Giggs - 

Lee Chong Wei, Lee Chong Wei, smashes the shuttlecock! Lee Chong Wei, Lee Chong Wei, smashes the shuttlecock. Loves by us all, feared by them all. Lee Chong Wei (x3).

From Wayne Rooney- 

I saw my mate, the other day, and he said he saw a white Sidek. So I ask, who is he, he goes by the name of Lee Chong Wei! Lee Chong Wei (x2), he goes by the name of Lee Chong Wei! 

From Ole Gunnar Solksjaer (retired) - 

You are my Chong Wei, my only Chong Wei, you make me happy, when skies are grey. Though China's Lin Dan, was fcking dearer, still please don't take my Lee Chong Wei away!

From Anderson - 

Lee Chong Wei wei wei, he's a better Wong Choon Hann. Lee Chong Wei wei wei, he's our top badminton man, to the left, to the right, to the kompang beat tonight! He is top with a brass and he smashes all to the ground!

Note: The original part was offensive, as it was "and he shits on Fabregas!"

That's all folks! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally, This Semester Is Over

Well, this is just a brief update. It's been almost 2 weeks I did not update my blog. And finally, I'm free. :) 

Photoshop CS5 has finally updated in my new Asus laptop, but I decided to try some new games, namely Football Manager 2011, Medal of Honor 2010 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. And yeah, the next post will be a comparison between COD and MOH. =)

Anyway, some recent photos? Here's one and this will give you followers a hint on what I will post after the review. 

Taken during my church's Celebration Night last week. :) To the Anglican churches, you'll know who this artist is - Tim Lim :) Do listen to his album, "This Road". 

Monday, November 8, 2010


This time lapse video made me thought of many things on freedom. 

If this world has more freedom, with the monetary system being phased out in history, I want to travel with a custom made DSLR camera to places around the world, to enjoy life, to discover new cultures and meet new people from different worlds, and to enjoy nature. 

Won't you want a world without currency? No stress, no unnecessary conflicts, no oppression, no unnecessary wars for resources. 

Things are changing, I can see that. Just listen to the idealists. 


Meanwhile, I miss Sydney. Missing Melbourne as well.