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Friday, February 12, 2010

Malaysian Advertising vs. Australian Advertising

Please wait a little longer as I'm currently Photoshopping the Day 2 Melbourne photos, kay? :)

At the meantime, let's talk about the media in Australia - Advertising :) Ever since I enrolled into a Degree in communication, I become more aware of the advertising and public relations industry, as well as Journalism too.

And I tell you - It seems like Malaysia's best advertisements only show up during festive seasons, ESPECIALLY from Petronas/ Proton, and so on. Overall, there are only a few decent TV commercials that are truly creative. Some only are just being a slideshow to the audiences.

These are Malaysia's best, to me:

Petronas ads in 2007, this is a tribute to the late Yasmin Ahmad.

Wanna take a look at Australia's ads?

Vegemite- One of the top brands here. 

Pink's V8 Supercars ads

These 2 ads will be enough to tell you how competitive the Australian advertising industries are. And most of the other commercials are similar to their formats! Yep, I like the Vegemite ad the most. I might have a chance to taste one tomorrow :) 

P.S - The best advertising commercials in Malaysia were usually done by Leo Burnett (if I don't add the festive season themed ones)


Michelle . WeyChin said...

Vegemite is exactly the same as Marmite in Malaysia :)

KwOnG FeI said...

in my opinion, malaysian ads are totally creative and outstanding..
for example, petronas ads, the marlboro (made by malaysian) and many more..
couldnt support.. nuff is zz

Unknown said...

Michelle: I bet you like it. xD Even the tour guide in Melbourne promoted it also xD

Kwong: yea, I did saw a lot of creative ads, but some are like slideshows and presentations. The best is Digi and Petronas.

Himmat Singh said...

Lol....thnaks for sharing the Australian ads....nice to know more than what we already know :)

Nikel Khor said...


from Nikel Khor

Michelle . WeyChin said...

Yeah Im used to having it since young already. :)