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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back At Tawau

Sunset yesterday.

While landing, the town of Tawau. Sorry for the blurred image, I set it at P. haha.

Finally I'm back. :) Hopefully everything's alright for now.

Slow updates expected. God bless you all :) 

Monday, June 28, 2010

The World Cup Finals Will Be Brazil vs Argentina

Haha, this is a photoblog. But, this is also a personal themed blog. So, it's nothing wrong for me to type anything about the World Cup, isn't it? :) 

Back to topic, people. 

Viewers discretion is advised. This is just based on my own opinion and things may subject to time and fate. So, I may be wrong. Don't take this post seriously. 

The Round of 16 has witness a lot of thrills and chills so far. Argentina thrashed out a defence-weakened Mexico, while Germany sent all-time rivals England back to United Kingdom. Meanwhile, in the preliminaries, favourites like France and Italy, plus the host South Africa themselves were eliminated from the games. 

Since the results are fated in such manner, there is a pattern being seen here. Now, notice this pattern of results in the Round of 16 fixtures. 

2010 FIFA World Cup™: Round of 16

 - Add to iGoogle
United States1:2Ghana-Highlights
Uruguay2:1South Korea-Highlights
Upcoming matches:
Netherlandsvs.Slovakia-28 Jun 10:00pm (Malaysia (Kuching))
Brazilvs.Chile-29 Jun 2:30am (Malaysia (Kuching))
Paraguayvs.Japan-29 Jun 10:00pm (Malaysia (Kuching))
Spainvs.Portugal-30 Jun 2:30am (Malaysia (Kuching))

Now, try and circle out the South American teams. We have Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. Take notice on the fixtures of the future match as well. I'mma going to connect this fact together soon. :)

Since I had argued that Brazil and Argentina will meet in the finals, let me tell you why from this paragraph onwards. hehe. 

Argentina's Road To The Finals (Maybe)

The winner of the match between Argentina and Mexico will meet Germany in the quarter-finals. It would be a tough match for Argentina and Germany anyway. Based on how they played against their opponents, Mexico and England, I think Argentina performed better, as Germany was facing an easier team. 

Still we'll need to see how the games go. It will be interesting to watch them play. 

Assume that Argentina wins from a tight game, and they will face either Uruguay or Ghana in the semi-finals. But through a popular belief, we know who will win this match, right? :) If you were to ask me who will win the Uruguay-Ghana match, I would say, Uruguay, because I felt that they have better coordination. Once again, this is just my point of view. 

So, Argentina wins and they will be placed in the finals. Haha. Go, Messi! 

Brazil's Road To The Finals

I dare say that Brazil will qualify for the finals. Though not having legends like Rivaldo, Ronaldo (not the one with Christiano), and Ronaldinho, the current squad have decent new players with well-known stars like Robinho and Kaka. With excellent teamwork and efficient players, Brazil is a must to enter the finals. 

Tonight, Brazil will surely get Chile, and slowly, in the quarter finals, they will play Holland (I say Holland will beat Slovakia). And after one tough fight, Brazil will slowly takes over either Spain or Portugal in the semi-finals. Both Spain and Portugal to me, are able to beat Paraguay in the quarter finals, and I'm not sure who will win tomorrow, between the 2 European squads. 

In my opinion, based on the preliminary round, Portugal outshines Spain

Lols. Christiano Ronaldo, don't be too happy about that, kay? 

Spain doesn't seem to be very prepared for the World Cup. Unexpectedly they lost to Switzerland, and people were not satisfied on their victory over Chile and Honduras. Fabregas and Torres, looks like you have to do some chemistries in your roles. Compared to Portugal, the Portuguese performed better. They scored 6-0 over North Korea and even DRAW with Brazil. It's pointless to criticize their "defensive" moves against Brazil, but to fight a giant, the defending gameplay is necessary in order to be unpredictable against Brazil. 

Torres, you guys can still change the fate, okay? :)

And I guess that Brazil will win either Spain or Portugal, most likely. After all, Brazil has the records over most European teams, except for France. 

And after a tough victory over one of these European giants, Brazil will meet Argentina in the finals. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this is just an opinion, as the real thing doesn't happen yet. Who knows teams like Portugal and Germany would turn the tables and made it to the finals without these 2 teams? Still, Brazil and Argentina are my favourites to go to the finals, followed by Germany and Portugal. 

So, don't take this piece of opinion too seriously. 

3rd and 4th placing: Portugal vs Uruguay. lols

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Disappointed With England

I supported France, South Korea, England, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Japan as my favour tends to go to them whenever they are performing. Among all of them - England is the team I support the most. 

Yeah, traditionally we tend to put our eyes on England just like we watch English Premier League all the time. Of course that doesn't label the whole of Malaysia. Some like other teams, I know. 

But anyway, I'm so disappointed with them, because they are inconsistent. Sometimes, they are strong, sometimes they are weak. Sadly. The recent match is even worse, I did expect England to lose to Germany. 

But I never expect a 4-1 loss! 

Should be 4-2 due to Lampard's disallowed goal. Yeah, I also wanna rant about the noob referees, but let's keep it in topic :) 

The main reason why England is not consistent is because of the players. This is what Mr. Mark Lawrenson of BBC Sports have to comment about them. 

"When they come away with England, something happens to these very good players. They play as a collection of individuals, not a team."
Absolutely, I bet Fabio Capello will sure take a lot of heat due to the loss. By the way, before the World Cup began he should have notice the problem. 

You have a lot of star players like Rooney, Gerrard, Defoe, Cole, and etc is pointless. You need teamwork. Just look at the other teams like the new Brazil and Argentina. Even Messi knows what is teamwork. 

A winning team is not about the football stars in it, it's about team chemistry. There is no I in a TEAM. Next time please collaborate to earn legacy. 

Gonna stay up to support Argentina! 
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Lightroom 3 Edited Pictures

I decided to reinstall my Photoshop CS3 Extended back, since my laptop kept crashing as I install the CS5. In the middle of the frustrations, I managed to install a new software.

Adobe Lightroom 3

Terrifically a good software for me to edit RAW (NEF) pictures, and to export it as a JPEG file, I am currently learning how to use it at the same time. 

These are my first 2 pictures I did with Lightroom. 
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These 2 are my Sydney pictures - from Darling Harbour. And it just rained at that time. I know they are heavily edited as I was attempting to do some HDR style editings. Lols. Anyway, this is just the beginning steps as I am trying out the Lightroom 3 for the first time. 


Thank you for the views of my previous post, the one about Religion vs Science, as it went to the runner-up spot of today's (the charts always changing).  

Will be back to Tawau, Sabah by this Tuesday. See you, Kuala Lumpur. You had been fattening me since I returned from Australia. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Religion vs Science - What's The Point?

Be steady, people. Your.World.Pixelated is going picture-less as the editor is facing problems with a Photoshop-less laptop. So, enjoy this post, and please treat it as open discussion. Debating doesn't help. 

Viewers' discretion is advised. REMEMBER: THIS POST IS NOT ON DEBATING. 

This morning's debate between science and religion happened in Innit, and while bloggers like Nana and Danielctw were by my side, advocating theism, and to rethink on the age-old battle of thoughts between these 2 pillars (or perhaps 3 = atheism) of ideology, I felt that there is NO point arguing about it, for these ideologies help mankind to develop civilization. 

I admit that my clashing identity between a Christian and a Humanist makes me tend to go to the middle of the pillars, and not focusing on religion alone. I believe in the existence of God, and at the same time, I believe in the capability of humanity to change the world. It's nothing wrong, it's just faith.  

Matthew 25: 35-36 - For I was hungry you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in. I need clothes and you clothed me, I'm sick you looked after me, I was in prison you came and visited me.

Atom of Atheism (lowres)-ZanaqScience: I may gave in Science during my pre-U education as I transferred into the academic field of Communication (Journalism) and Humanities, but I have a sense of science. Science is all about collaborations and arguments on what is right and what is wrong. From technology for civilizations, to weapons of mass destruction, science changes the way we live, as well as shaping our human trends and social way of living. Science is absolutely nothing wrong. 

P religion world

Religion, on the other hand, is a series of philosophies told from various dogmas. It helps generate societies, and to unite men (to a certain extent). Most of all religions believe that there is a God that create a universe, and hence it was the Earth was made. It provides us the wisdom of spirituality, giving us an understanding of our world, like science. 

These 2 elements are all about understandings, however, when it comes to debating them, you will hardly stick to both of them, because none of their basis supports each other. For example, Galileo Galilei advocates the truth on heliocentrism, the idea of the Sun as the centre of the universe, but the Catholic Church dismisses it, and sentenced him under house arrest. By seeing this, you can realize that both institutions don't fit together. 

But then, I still view on science and religion both contribute to the civilization of humanity, just that our past and current leaders are corrupted. God told his servants words and advices and these prophets binded all their messages into holy books like the Bible and the Quran. But their corrupted leaders took their religion, making it as their own, and use them for their agendas. That is where politics step in, and hence explains the root causes behind the bloodshed due to religion. 

Same goes to science. While you are fascinated with guns, keep in note that the G36Ks, the M4A1 carbines, the F-35 Lightnings, the M1A1 Abrams and the all time feared nuclear warheads are signs that we are not civilized yet. Obviously, science is about human development to the max, but why are we killing like that? If you're talking about religion mindset manipulating science, then tell me why the electric chair is invented? 

"My country is the world, my religion is to do good." 
- Thomas Paine

At the end of the day, it's all about interpretations, and the human mindset as a whole. Science and religion have to collaborate as both help humanity a lot. One helps on morality and philosophy, while another one helps to develop technology for the good of mankind. Why the quarrelings and pointless battles? Why not just focus them to improve humanity? Those who are under poverty are seeking your help, praying every single day for the world to change. 

PS - On the argument that religion does not help on morality, to the blogger who advocated that point - I wanted to say, even if you are brought up through familial values, what inspires those values? The society, isn't it? If you're living in China, most likely you will indirectly got brought up with the Chinese traditions or the teachings of Buddha. If you're from a Christian dominated area, though your parents are atheists, indirectly you were told about the 10 Commandments and some other values found in most religions. 

Stop hate and disposition and do realize that we are now in the age of developing social conciousness, where people are beginning to question the social system we're living in.

Forget the crap about Darwin and his ideas on evolution that generates social stratification and remember that science has the power to change the world and its rules. Meanwhile, as for religion, don't just preach it, practice it as a whole for the sake of humanity. 

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Loving Gorillaz! :)

Anyone acknowledged the latest album of Gorillaz?

Yeah, Plastic Beach is the name. 2D, Murdoc, Noodles and Russell are back! I managed to listen to all their songs, and my favourites are Stylo, Superfast Jellyfish and Empire Ants

And gosh, I love their new story concept, about how they ended up in this place called Plastic Beach. Their album tells the story on the life after El Manana, where the virtual characters lost their HQ, the Windmill and the way they meet each other. 

The funniest part is where Murdoc told the audiences that he took a bit of Noodles' DNA and used it to form a cyborg version of her. This band always keep me entertained ever since year 2001. 

You should watch this too. It features "Stylo" and "On Melancholy Hill" from the album. 
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At the meantime, I currently have Lightroom 3 in my laptop. My Photoshop CS3 was removed as I am trying to install the CS5. However, my laptop crashed as I install it. This is a 32 bit laptop, though. :( 

Anyway,. enjoy Gorillaz :) 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racism In Soccer

Happy that England scored! But what I didn't expected is Slovenia was out. Lando Donovan managed to score a late goal against Algeria and that was surprising.

Still, England still needs to buckle up for a more difficult series of matches as they are beginning to face the giants. Hopefully Mr. Rooney performs better. 

Anyway, while viewing at both matches (ENG vs SVN) and (USA vs ALG), I viewed at this comment. 

Yeah, the one in the middle. (Derka Derka)

Well, due to RTM's incapability to cover ALL sports, I had no choice but to follow some live updates from the site. And yeah, Derka-derka's comment is one of the thousand comments that are racist and unscrupulous. (perhaps millions)

I mean, you shouldn't be yelling hate/racist comments while celebrating the World Cup. The game is wonderful, where you have 32 teams from every corners of the world playing together in the spirit if humanity. Plus, it's the team you criticized at the max, not the country and the people. That has nothing to do with the game. 

Say No! To Racism. Love and celebrate the game together! Sports are meant to bridge the gap among nations. It is for world peace, not war. Don't we want to have peace, after all? 

Life is short, why hate? 

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Taylor's Open Day (June)

Can't believe I can edit photos faster and still able to take some remarkable pictures even after weeks of not touching the camera! :)  

Anyway, I just spent my weekend helping out in the most recent Taylor's Open Day for the July intake. My job was basically categorized as in the admission/registration team, as I helped on student ID documenting and supported the registration procedures (my secondary objectives)

And yeah, I managed to capture a few photos during my resting hours. And this is it. :)




Oops, wrong composition. Raffi, my senior managed to capture a better shot of visitors in the previous Open Days.


Design school booth. 


Mr. Phillip consulting parents. I missed his lectures, he always shares a lot of interesting stories, with lessons of life. 


Consultations in the Hospitality and Tourism booth. 

Taylor's Engineering's Buggy. 

So, this is how they make COD: Modern Warfare 2. (School of Computing's Booth)

Communications' Booth: Pao's horror short film on abuse seemed to captivate many audiences.


Mr. Benjamin Loh consulting for the School of Communication - my school :) He has a lot of knowledge about the communication industries. 

Anyway, as I was working, a lot of things went through my mind. One of them was about education. It reminded me during my degree's orientation where there was an argument on the statement "Is education a right or a privilege?"

It is a human rights for everyone to have education, but if I were to say it politically correct, tertiary level education today is a privilege. I don't see any sense when it comes to the fact that social classes are divided through the quality of education. For example, the rich kids deserve world class educations from international schools, while those who can't afford it will study in government schools. 

While the poor will end their education profiles in their Form 6/ A Levels equivalent results, only the rich deserve the privilege to study for a Bachelor's Degree. However, half of them applied for govt. loans and these unfortunate ones will have no choice but to have more debts as they enter the workforce. 

By looking at this fact of inequality, something is very wrong. Education shouldn't be seen as a business or a course to find knowledge - it should be the tool for the development of humanity. I believe universities (or academias) during the days of the Greek philosophers are much more different than what universities are today, for people like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, etc, are all great thinkers who don't focus on profits. 

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