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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Champagne Glass Distribution

I was recalling what I am learning about Global Societies recently. I should say, it's pretty interesting to know how the real world looks like, but it is pointless for educators to just teach such stuffs to students if they just choose to live in the real world without thinking about changing it through collaboration. 

Have a look at this graph. 

Well, this is the Champagne Glass Distribution of the world income. By looking at this, you already know that the world is unfair. The world's 20% top richest earns more than 80 percent of all income? Is that fair for all? 

You may even wonder, why is the distribution like that? Answer is simple: exploitation and social stratification. 

Among all 6 billion humans on Earth, half of them already were hanging by a thread to survive. They were struggling to survive as they were in hunger and poverty. Every single day, 34,000 of them died due to starvation and preventable diseases, while the rest of the world are finding their own profits. 

Within the same billion number figure, there are already millions of slaves and human trafficking victims in the world, and it's still increasing. Just ask the labours brought in from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillipines and you will know that they are one of them. Even if they have the medical checkups and some contracts that benefit them in their jobs, RM 1500 per month isn't enough to live in a city like KL. 

At the end of the day, capitalism exploits everything. The reason why we don't realize this fact is because we are actually one of the top 20 percent richest people. Surprised? Do some research and realize that this is a fact. 


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

I had the same chat with my father on a very similar matter. Its true that in the end, we fall under the category that should be considered very fortunate in this world however we never do appreciate any of them and in the end, lose all respect to what we have already achieved. Quoting him, perhaps one day we will realize what we have when we start to lose our privileges... :D

great take on the matter. my hat is to you!

Lukey Cher Hong said...

So, are you saying that we should support communism instead?

Victor Tan said...

cher hong: I can argue that point. Communism has a bad name given by the Americans, and indeed history has tell us that Communism is a corrupted piece of ideology.

I am neither trusting both ideologies. Communism has banks, it has social stratification, and it has army to enslave their people. Of course, when you look at China, North Korea or the former Soviet Union, many people died under the agenda of the ruling elite.

Go google up the Zeitgeist Movement for some eye-opening articles. Remember, I don't support Communism as well.

Lukey Cher Hong said...

I'm not saying that you're supporting communism. Neither i was saying that it's bad. Marx was one of the greatest theorist who ever lived.

It's just that no matter how you look at it, people can only some out with lots of theories of how human society to function but by the end of the day, none is perfect.

I will look up at the Movement once i finished exam tomorrow. Perhaps we'll have more to chat XD

Victor Tan said...

That's why I'm slightly to Neo-Marxism. To me, the monetary system is one BIG false-conciousness, as if it is the only rule of the game. Because of money, we all have to overcome scarcity. Why? People don't want to share.

As technology is advancing (until some people don't want to market it out), we can actually share this technology to improve social living, and thus, eliminating poverty, hunger, crime, and the need of competition. Why not everyone collaborate to improve our environment? :)

That is why I'm more to resource-based economy.

Victor Tan said...

tehtarik: yepp, we're considered the lucky ones. We complain because we're under scarcity. Of course, the reason why is, we're too busy until we have no time to care for each other. It's a sign that we are not civilized yet as a society. said...

oh gosh... i hav the feeling that i m so lucky... great post, informative! =)

edvinn said...

that was very informative never knew I'm actually luckier than 500 million peoples in the world. @.@

Kelvin said...

And most of the rich men are too selfish to help others.

Victor Tan said...

edvinn: yepp, we are very fortunate. And yes kelvin, this environment makes us to care for ourselves. It's better if the monetary system be gone. It causes so many to be left behind.

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world - John Lennon