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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Congratulations Malaysia!

Just a short update congratulating the Malaysian Football National Team for winning the AFF Suzuki Cup just recently, though they lost to Indonesia 2-1 in the Second Leg. 

Anyway, to me, I am fascinated by this guy. 

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat. He made many excellent saves and he even knows how when he should rush out and when he should stay on guard. It's like seeing another world class keeper in action. 

And yes, after Lee Chong Wei, he's the 2nd Malaysian to be on Twitter xD. 

Even the Indonesians also congratulated us as well. Well, most of them surely has a Blackberry each, so they just tweet whatever they like. 

Last but not least, this guy deserves credit as well. Safee Sali - Malaysians tend to dub him as our very own Wayne Rooney. 

And him! K. Rajagopal, our Malaysian head coach who has the Arsene Wenger look! :) He's the proof that we no need any foreign head coaches like Vietnam and Indonesia to succeed more. 

Once again, MALAYSIA BOLEH! 

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Anonymous said...

those 3 deserve a huge pat on the back!!!