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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unnecessary, But We Still Have To Go Through This

"We're all living in this system, where I have to come here early at 8 am to teach, while you students have to be here punctually at the same time."
- My Media Context lecturer.

Currently blogging from college's computer. Current mood: Frustrated and tired.

Today is Wednesday, and I'm only supposed to be at college only from 8 to 10 am for Media Context class, which makes Wednesday one of my most flexible weekdays alongside Fridays.

And for this Wednesday, I have to stay until most probably 5 in the evening just to wait for discussions for tomorrow's presentation.

It is totally unnecessary, though I can choose not to discuss the given questions and leave it for tonight.

But the problem is, she doesn't have a decent Internet connection at her home. Plus, we have only today to discuss tomorrow's presentation. (I admit most of us in our intake are last minute people, lol :)

At the same time, while thinking about how unnecessary the discussion is though it appears to be on high importance for tomorrow, I began thinking about how and why people in their college or working life have to go through many unnecessary chores every single day.

At the end of the day, it's all about financial security and money. We wanted to do what we want, but like it or not, our freedoms are all manipulateed by money.

That is why I quote such words from my lecturer. If lecturers have to work for money, so do students. We all have to compete for the ever shrinking job opportunities in the business world. Unemployment rates are still alarming, though the "deceptive" media told us that everything is fine.

Remember my previous post about the Zeitgeist ideology? I really hope that one day, this ideology will be a reality - where everyone will enjoy true, everlasting peace without any forms of stress and scarcity in this global society. Ever heard of "when the buying stops, the killing stops too"? Same goes to this scarcity-based economic system we're living in.

"When this system stops, the scarcity and stress will stop too." No one will die from poverty and preventable diseases, no one will compete one another and left the unfortunate ones behind, and no corruption and hate that causes a sick society. Everyone will have TRUE independence.

Everybody should be living together as one human race, and everyone of us deserve freedom and being threated equally without hate. Our lives have values, and they are not bought with a price - let us change, in order to live our life to the fullest.


Adlin AM.KA said...

hai there!
nice blog!

I follow u!

Allison said...

this ideology is kinda hard to come true sadly because well, there will always be a black sheep somewhere who dont want to be ONE human race. lol

Victor Tan said...

allison: Miss M'sia candidate! xD sorry for late reply ya. :)

Yepp, this ideology is firstly Marxism a bit, without implementing money - some people will think that it's socialism, or neo-Communism in a new way. Second, it disagrees on religion. In its 1st movie it attacks Christianity, but sadly Peter Joseph aimed at the Roman Catholics, with wrong citations from not-so-credible authors like Archarya S.

Of course, not everyone will agree with the Zeitgeist Movement's goals. To me, I agree on their suggestion of social change, but I disagree on their religion comments. But somehow, everyone should deserve to listen to such idea and decide for themselves if they wanna be a part of the movement. :)