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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Zeitgeist Day 2010

Please click to zoom.Sorry I can't make the image bigger.

Correction down there: Zeitgiest's founder - Peter Joseph
                                 Venus project - Jacque Fresco

Do watch this as well. Zeitgeist Addendum. Remember, viewers' discretion is advised.


johanng_83 said...

An interesting mini discussion we had earlier. It was a bit heavy for the light-hearted chatbox in innit.

I have yet to view the video. So I'll reserve some comments for later.

But I think this idea will require many people (as in really many) to take a leap of faith for it to convert from educational stage to changing the world.

I think capitalism might have outlast its usefulness. So its up to other grand concepts to change the way we live.

Victor Tan said...

This is a totally new idea. I even shared that to one of my lecturers as he once asked "How can we have freedom?"

And indeed, people should not be ignorant about such movements. Better think twice and decide either they want a better change, or just let this obselete system remains where many people including themselves are desperately becoming economic slaves.