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Sunday, October 10, 2010



The scenery from my balcony yesterday. I like the clouds, and the whole sunset scene.

And it made me melancholic for a little while. 

Just a short update though. I'm kinda busy. My friend Cayenne had stopped blogging, and that actually demotivated me a little bit. haha. I understood her situation right now, as she's really in a busy world trying to balance her times for her courseworks and social stuffs. I guess she is now in the transition to be in the working world. 

Anyway, thinking about the working world, there's no absolute definition of "maturity" in the adult world. If you study sociology or anything about social science, then you may know how sick our world is. Think about it, if everyone is mature, they will not acknowledge themselves as white-collared slaves in the social system. 

And damn it, my future will be going towards it. Thinking about it, yeah, I really have nothing to say. 

Back to my assignments. Can't help to think like that. Sigh. 

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