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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What The "Giants" Said Are Now A Reality

" You won't be under breastfeeding already."
- Mr. James Tiri Maran, Mathematics lecturer, Labuan Matriculation College.

"Some of your seniors went back and tell me that they had very hard time studying because they had been spoonfed too much, and for that you have to write your own notes."
- Mr. Nai Khian, my Form 4/5 History teacher.

"Degree is not studying already, it's totally working experience."
- Mum

I knew it coming, as they had told me ever since year 2006.

And among all the lecturers who taught me in this UniSA programme, Mr. Wingston became the first "giant" to demonstrate how this self-learning lecture method is done. It seemed that CCS is one strict independent learning class, as well as the other 3.

This method had one sentence imbued within the lecturers' mes
I have done my job, it's your turn to do yours.

Straightforward and simple, isn't it? No wonder my
other friends who are also in other undergraduate programs had expressed unbearable stress by ranting in their blogs.

Thank God I had learned how to perform better anger management :) Or else, I will melt in flames instantly with screeching 1000 dB explosions that you don't wish to hear.

There will be a total of around 4 assignments so far that have to be submitted to the AssignIT page by the end of this month. I hope everything's going under control.


Can't wait for that night. Happy that I knew more people before this coming this Fri night. I never tried night shootings, though.

2 nights ago, I captured this around midnight through my room window with my lights off.

Guess what the camera told me about this photo:

Aperture: F/6
Shutter: 1 SECOND?????? That's way to SLOWWWW

Don't blame this fella, kay?

Lesen belajar tangkap gambar. Still learning :)

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