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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Recently I just done playing this awesome piece of PC entertainment. And despite many critics, including myself, had condemned the developers for their decision to maintain their Modern Warfare 2 graphics and systems, I would like to say that the installation of third story is great, especially the part when you play Captain Price at the climax. 

SPOILERS AHEAD (short sypnosis)

Altogether, you will be playing as 5 characters in the game. Well, you are Soap MacTavish at the beginning, and it's only just the part of the cinematics. While Soap was healing away from Afghanistan, your first mission begins as Derek Frost of the Delta Force, fighting in Wall Street to neutralize a jammer on top of the stock exchange, and later turning a Russian fully-armed submarine to attack its own fleet. 

Later, the story continues with Yuri, a new member of the disavowed Task Force 101. He then revealed himself and how he was related to the stories in MW2 and MW1 as a close companion to the antagonist, Makarov, once. The task force escaped from an assault where Soap was trying to heal and you will be following their stories on Sierra Leone as they make their way to Makarov.

Meanwhile the European battle begins when the Russian Prime Minister's jet was hijacked.  While playing as a FSO bodyguard, you'll learn the story of how the President was kidnapped by Makarov, and your character was shot similarly like how Pvt. Joseph Allen a.k.a Alexei Borodin was shot. The battle then began with chemical attacks in Britain, and you'll also fight in places like Paris, Hamburg and Prague. 

Then comes the sniping mission in Prague, where Soap finally died after the team was ambushed. And when you are saving the President's daughter in the next mission, the whole Delta Force team you are playing with are wiped out. Sad case. 

THE CLIMAX happens when Captain Price and Yuri begins a final assault to attack Makarov. You and Yuri shall wear a Juggernaut suit in this, and you will kill your way up a hotel until you find Makarov. There is a thrill blazing fight between Captain Price and Makarov at the end. Price lost at first when he tried to grab a handgun near him after both men fell from a helicopter which Makarov used to escape, but the antagonist picked the gun up. The injured Yuri managed to rescue Price by shooting Makarov with a few rounds, but it seems like Makarov had took some drugs before he died being hanged by Price. The ending scene is when Price was smoking a cigar while looking at the hanging ultranationalist Russian's corpse. 

The most awesome feature of the game, is it's Survival mode! Basically, it's all about being able to survive in every rounds the game would challenge you into. The first rounds are basically easy, but not until Level 10, where tough soldiers with AK47s step in. But no worries, there would be supports such as perks, claymores, sentry guns/grenade launchers, Delta Force squad and even various air supports to help you out, just make sure you have the money to purchase them!

I bet it is better than Treyarch's Zombie Mode. 

Overall, this really made up my weekend last week. It's an awesome masterpiece, but no new ideas are generated in this edition. 

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