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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Second Quarter 2014


Alas. It is now 2014. Walking through a series of life's roller-coaster can be adventurous, but moving through them is like driving to territories unknown. Tidal waves can be rowdy, the roads can be bumpy, but somehow this is life. 

It has been almost 22 months after I put forth my most previous blog post, and certainly, there were many stories being untold here. Yet, the author would have to move on as he is now occupied with thousand tonnes of jobs. 

And yes, I am officially employed with one of the toughest jobs in the world - teaching. 22 months ago, I was just an ordinary university student who wanted to make an impact for the world, and now, I am in that path in accomplishing that in the field of education. Indeed, this job is truly an uphill learning experience, for I never expect a complete embrace towards such a busy environment within. 

In line with this new chapter of life, a new overhaul on this blog shall take place. 

I will no longer share as many photographs as I could during my student days, however, this page will be my cathartic notebook. 

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