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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Some Pictures From My Note 3

Having the revival of this blog, I have decided to publish something about the evolution of smartphones since last year (2013). At that moment, my iPhone4 that served me humbly for three years began to disappoint me due to the insensitive home button, therefore I decided to retire it for good.

Or is it? It is still serving me as an iPod Touch.

And here, I would like to say, how magnificent camera phones have evolved since last year. If you own a smartphone model which was released from 2013 onwards, nevertheless to say, spending your cash on the phone will be more worth it than using them on a digital camera. We saw brands like Nokia, Samsung and HTC rallied their way into the camera phone arms race.

Anyway, I got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in December 2013 as a self-reward in surviving my first year in working. Its 13 megapixel camera is quite good, providing the fact that it supports photo editing apps.

Pictures are randomly picked from my gallery list. they were edited using Samsung's original picture editor, Photo Editor Pro and Pixlr. 

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