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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Arrivals Reloaded: Reviews From A Christian

The Arrivals Reloaded was a WakeUp Project production with the aid of broadcasting media from Ary News UK and Pakistan. This series is the television-adapted version of the infamous Youtube series "The Arrivals"

What makes this series interesting is this 10 episodes documentary presented an eye-opening perception on how the Apocalypse (Great Tribulation) will come as the days of the Antichrist/ Dajjal are approaching. Despite the Islamic nature of the series, the documentary also used verses from the Bible in aid of explaining their arguments. 

In short terms, let me conclude their messages. 

In today's world where corruption is everywhere, we are governed by a shadow government that silently manipulates our environment - economics, trends, entertainment, beliefs. We don't see this directly, instead, they communicate with us using the power of subliminal messages

These are how they communicate with you: 

Nickelodeon's Commercial (notice the pyramid and the all-seeing eye)

from Rihanna and Jay-Z's "Umbrella"  video clip. (Instead of seeing a body, you are seeing a goat-head demon). 

These subliminal messages are possible if this shadow government takes over smaller corporations like a conglomerate in the business world, thus preparing the world for their New World Order agenda. 

To the viewers who don't know the term New World Order, N.W.O means a globalization term where the whole world is governed as One. And obviously, it is fascist, as the Bible and the Quran told us that there will be deceptions and killings everywhere. 

You can see many clues about this unethical form of globalization. For example, ever realized why America and Israel are like BFFs? Why the image of Islam today is badly tarnished whenever a terrorist act happens (e.g. the recent Russian bombings)? Why there are movies like Legion and 2012 seems misleading?

The Arrivals, however, doesn't reveal who the Antichrist is. However, we are told that this shadow government (the anti-NWO messengers call them the Illuminati - the "enlightened" ones)  is preparing the way for him to arrive. They also tell us to be united regardless our differences as we face the persecutions. 

So, if you are interested to view the Arrivals Reloaded. Visit >here


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