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Monday, April 19, 2010

Craving for Portrait Lens Right Now | Screw Materialism


If you think that I'm using a f/2.8 or a f/1.4 sorta lens, then think again. :) I was only using the usual 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 standard kit lens. This was only done through the technique of blurring via Photoshop, with the cocktail mix of a gradient layer. That is to increase the shallow depth of field. 

Aite, I had a RM 200+ (A$ 80.00) tripod I got from Sydney, I had a Nissin Di622, and a decent camera and kit lens, but somehow I intended to want more. As a whole, I had a basic camera kit already. But to the viewers out there who are also an amateur photographer like me, I bet you also feel the same thing, right? 

Screw materialism. The business world needs our scarcity (needs) in order for the system to run. If the world is more to resource-based, then we can straightaway go for the best cameras ever - Canon 1D Mk. 4, Nikon D3X, Hasselblad H4D50, etc. Perhaps people might collaborate with each other to make a universally high-end camera for everyone? 

Our lives are mostly indoctrinated by the monetary system and thus, it forms our general understanding of life. Well, in this world, we pay less and we get the lesser feature in an item. But what if your stuffs were being stolen, isn't that fair? 

Materialism may reward you, but if you get caught into that trend, one day it will slowly leave you behind. 

You want tasty food, but you won't enjoy it if you are old, as you need more healthier food to survive. 

You want jewellery and blings, but you won't take them away from this life to the afterlife. 

You need cosmetics to stay and look young, but one day you will grow old. 

You want fame and glory, but one day you will be just another actor in the stage (Life's Brief Candle)

Screw materialism =.=


kenwooi said...

the photoshopped picture doesnt look real.. haha.. anyway, it's nice to have bokeh with any portrait pics =)

fiona06 said...

agreed, materialism is like a drug.. you long for it, but in the end..what do you get?

Victor Tan said...

kenwooi: yepp, I wanted bokeh in my portraits edi xD

fiona: yes! You got the message! It's pointless as materialism is one of the reasons why society is sick - it causes individualism and cynicism.