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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gentle Reminder To All Malaysian Travellers

1 word for all: Beware! 

Travelling is fun where you will either fly to a brand new world, or returning to your beloved hometowns for reunions, specially for this coming Chinese New Year. 

So, take notice! 

1. Beware of strangers. Drug trafficking syndicates are everywhere, according to the news nowadays. These syndicates are the real culprits that made thousands of Malaysians got "pulled" into drug-related offences across the nation. Make sure your bags/ luggages are always on your eyes, as cunning people may slip something through them. Ignore strangers and DON'T trust them. 

2. It's better to weight your bags before you check in your luggages. Some check-in officers tend to be very tricky as they simply claim that your luggage is overweight and you need to pay more for it. Some airports have weighting machines, be sure to use it in case you're in an argument. 

3. Dress yourself in a decent manner. I read an article that a Malaysian was simply arrested in North America as he dressed like a "drug addict" when he arrived there. 

The newspapers nowadays posted such misfortunes. Government restricts visas for foreigners, Malaysians being suspected as mules, drug trafficking becomes alarming in Malaysia. Security and armed forces should keep a more keenful eye against these deceptive and unscrupulous criminals, who are irresponsible enough to trap innocent individuals. 

Thus, beware


kenwooi said...

it's always important to be careful all the time =)

Samuel said...

Girls, especially...

Wooi Kit said...

hate those peoples...

Ghosty Nana said...

Guys, especially. maybe cheated by leng lui at new country and never come back again. :P