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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pre-CNY Gathering Before Leaving For Melbourne

PhotobucketChen Yee, Shim, Siau Yik and I. Taken with a Nikon Coolpix P5000. 

Tony, Chin and Khoo CY were somewhere outside the frame. 

Nostalgia was the place and yes, the name does symbolize the homesickness of us Tawau people who are currently pursuing our destinies outside our beloved hometown. I can't see them this Chinese New Year, as I will be heading for Melbourne tomorrow. 

It's happy that I will be visiting someplace new, but it's kinda sad that I won't be doing something which we old friends do traditionally every CNY - Open houses. 

Anyway, Nostalgia offers a lot of good drinks. My favourite is the Peppermint Milk, priced around RM 2.70. Refreshing and tasty :) 

Oh ya, do visit Tawau during the holidays season. You will bump into many hot girls, especially Zenzi, haha....


Elaine New said...

hi, u dun hav a chatbox. haha. anyway, linked u! =)

Cayenne said...

have a fun trip yaa.. my turn to go back home!