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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 3 Most Impressive American Idol Audition Contestant So Far

One of the TV shows that I watched to eliminate the bored-ness at home is American Idol. And I really enjoyed every audition sessions in various places of America. 

Somehow, this contestant gives me the best impression. 

Yeap, Erica Rhodes from the Dallas audition. She's an ex-Barney's child and she did extraordinarily well in the audition. I kept on remembering her outfit with the whip. 

2nd place goes to Toddrick Hall (Dallas audition)

He wrote a song that sounded like Craig David's and I enjoy hearing the lyrics. He will be one of the strong contenders, hopefully. 

No.3, and the funniest goes to Cornelius Edwards. He sacrificed his pants for the sake of going to Hollywood! LOLS! 

Right, I was supposed to publish this yesterday, but in a sudden the Internet went out. 

Of to clean my room before leaving. 

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kenwooi said...

the split one is crazy! lol.. ouch! =P