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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football Manager Hiatus

I know my site here wasn't updated for 4 days, I think I better keep it alive for a while.

And indeed, I was hiatus due to this nice, smartly designed game. To those who recently ask me where and what is the #fm2010 trend in my Twitter, this is it. 

Well, Football Manager 2010 is a more realistic simulation game to those who wants to experience the pressure and what its like to be a real football manager like Sir Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp, Jose Mourinho, and so on. Here, all you have to do is to create your manager character (you can even use your own pictures for the game!) and select your favourite team to play. Be warned, for the season, you're only able to have a low transfer budget (the money you use to buy players)

In the game you can even tweak the formations of the players, while instruct them on their movements, personally or as a team. This can be confusing, even if when the assistant manager helps you. 

I'd been playing this since the World Cup month. The game begins in year 2009 and I started up with Tottenham Hotspurs and struggled against the top teams of the Premier League for 3 seasons before I won the League title in the 3rd season. Well, as for the transfers, I tend to surf the World Cup site a lot, searching for decent players to purchase. From the Tottenham Hotspurs of the real world, I brought in players like Khalid Boulahrouz, Angel di Maria, Micah Richards, Salomon Kalou and Mark Gonzalez to improve the team. Of course, I need to sell out some of the players. Sometimes, it's best if you train young talents if you want to save budget. 

Currently on the 4th Premiership season and my 1st year with Manchester United, I got an extra $140 million budget, so I spent the money on stars like Arjen Robben and Edin Dzeko, as Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes are already retired in the game. Well, these stars will eventually get older, but I managed to train some talents, which are fictional actually. 

Looks like Wayne Rooney has to prove himself for the win. Dzeko keeps scoring in the Premiership games. While I was blogging this, my Man Utd draw with Arsenal 0-0. Gosh, wanted to get Cesc Fabregas but Arsenal wanted $81 million for him. Currently targeting Neymar of Brazil, Berbatov left the team when I was playing Tottenham. 

Edin Dzeko seems to be the best striker I'd ever played with in the game. LOLS. In real life, he's from Wolfsburg. Both the scouts of Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United recommended him to be in the team. Yeah, you have scouts to help you, but you need to have sufficient knowledge of real life players in order to succeed. Otherwise, it's hard for you to get decent players. 

Back to reality, when I found out that Everton almost managed to defeat Manchester United last Saturday during the second half full time, I was devastated. 2 sudden goals do hurt the whole team. 

Anyway, Yakubu is one skilful forward. Haha. In the national games, I first played as Nigeria, then I jumped to Uruguay, which is a regret. It seems that Nigeria have better resources, while Uruguay only have the better attackers like Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez and Diego Forlan. 

Looks like I shall be downloading some players wallpaper soon. haha. 

I only recommend this game to the football fanatics, as you need a lot of knowledge to play such a game. 


Jaerragus said...

Haha enjoy the game... like I said..

Wan Gerrard said...

Great game, playing every year..looking foward the latest version ^_^

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

watch the updates for fm 2011. shuold be out by next month