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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What Is Democracy (Part 2) - Democracy Is Yet To Learn

If the first video of the previous post is not enough to provoke your thoughts, I would like to share another video for you on democracy. :)

This video is produced in Indonesia, and it's really creative for the producer himself to show how society thinks about democracy. 

Well, a common nation has its people so diversified with different ideologies and understandings from occupational, religious, and social backgrounds. And thus, under a social system imposed on them, people are indoctrinated indirectly to chase their own dreams and goals in their life, thus people are segregated by their own cravings and achievements, which we call "self-interests". And it's impossible people will have unity as a whole. 

Note: All pictures below are accredited to the short film above. =) I really salute Indonesia for being the only South East Asian nation to be the winner of this contest of democracy. 

Here, the writes shows the examples of what made up the ignorant masses in the classroom. We have: 

An activist: He doesn't smile much, as activists tend to be sceptic on the mainstream media due to the social injustice around him - his quest of truth.

An entrepreneur: Businessmen tend to prioritize profits (self-interest) and not caring much about social concerns more. You may argue that corporations are having corporate social responsibilities (CSR) to the community, but all of these are for publicity purposes. 

A law enforcer: Every nation has law enforcement, people who were given the mandate to uphold the law and the constitution of the country he/she is serving. But what if they only serve the ones in power and NOT the people? What if a country becomes a police state? 

A farmer: A perfect example that represents the working class of a nation. He's like any other workers of labours in any nation. 

A doctor and an engineer: It's no difference when the producer decides to put an architect and an accountant together, these people are specialized in their own professional fields, and thus, they have no common grounds and will not sit and talk to each other. 

The celebrity and the media: The entertainment industry has brainwashed the masses with many fictional nonsense the media can think and present of. Well, they tell you to dress like this, act like that, who is to be worshipped, who is to be hated, etc. When they say Justin Bieber, all the 13 year old girls will come shouting his name like mad, agree? 

A politician (Member of Parliament): This is an important character that represents the politicians. Well, they tend to talk and claim a lot about something, rather than giving a straightforward solution to serve the people, don't they? 

And so, the producer slowly portrays the way how these characters act with one another. 

Here, you can see what if the entrepreneur sits with the politician. You can see a Rupiah note on the MP's mouth, isn't it? Usually, we call this bribing

Silencing the public eh? The case is this, when the farmer wants to answer the democracy question, he was stopped by the police who sat beside him. Freedom of speech? 

And then, comes a prominent, highlighted character. 

President Soekarno of Indonesia once said, "Give me a thousand old men, and I will move a mountain. Give me a thousand young men, and I will shake the world."

The youngster is a person who is self-seeking, lively, expressive and outgoing in person. However, they (I'm also a youngster for now) can be also ignorant in mind if not being educated well. That is why you can see many young activists in the West in demonstrations and volunteer campaigns. That is also why Christian organizations are active. We are capable of making a change. 

However, democracy, to us youngsters is a hard word to be defined, as long as we are living under a sick, self-centered society. It's therefore up to us to find out the true meaning of democracy. 

And thus, the title, Democracy is Yet To Learn (Masih Belajar). Take a good look on how the way the others treat the youngster. The ignorant masses only wanted to see what is his answer without reflecting about it, but at the same time, they are throwing stuffs at him - it's all about the sickness of society due to diversity and various understandings (yeah, that include bigotry, stereotypes, and discriminations)

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