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Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Is Democracy?

"What Is Democracy?"

The advancing technologies of communication are helping us to be united as ONE planet, as we are advocating the true ideology of humanity to all. Throughout all the years, men have been praying and hoping for a state of utopia - a perfect world you and I wanted to live in. 

Recently, Youtube had presented on its main page on the outcomes of a short film competition to challenge filmmakers around the world to redefine "democracy", where 6 out of 800 films were picked as winners of the contest. The contest was called Democracy Challenge

This is the most meaningful video that I'd ever viewed and I would like to share this to all of you, to rethink democracy, and NOT about your own self-interests, for we are the members of this world. 

"ATTN: Mr. Democrat"

Directed, edited, written and composed by Farbod Khashtinat (Iran)
Animation: Taraneh Galozar
Music: Shahim Pajoom

Dear Democratic President, I hope that you will read this someday. Perhaps a miracle will happen and your democratic attitude will change. 

Democracy is NOT to screen the votes of a nation with the filter of your opinion.

Democracy is NOT taking what's others' for yours for your survival 

Democracy is NOT choking the voices so that no harsh words could aggrieve your ears. 

Democracy is NOT ruling a totalitarian regime under the name of a "Republic"

Democracy is NOT that the minority chains majority.

Democracy is NOT describing the sacred things as your own and charging anyone who says against you with heresy. 

Democracy is NOT being a caring foster for other countries' people and being an unkind stepmother of your own.

Democracy is NOT play with words and to invent the truth and still discourse on freedom of speech.

Democracy is NOT that whatever we say is not democratic, and whatever you say is democratic. 

Democracy IS what my brothers and sisters requested for and you shed their blood because of it.

But still,

We haven't given up on our dream. 

You see, people, true democracy is UTOPIA- a place you and I wanted to live in with peace and harmony, collaboration, NOT competition. Share this to your friends, and spread the words of enlightenment to them.