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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hopes Now in Fear: The Peter Joseph - Jacque Fresco Conflict

Picture from Flickr:  (Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, founders of The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project respectively)

Yes, they presented brilliant ideas that are able to awaken people up from today's societal problems and to offer the solution of curing them once and for all. But this sudden conflict had shown that they themselves are also the same old victims of culture just like we are. 

It all started when I saw the video of Jacque denouncing The Zeitgeist Movement, saying that the movement doesn't really know much about the concept of the Resouce-based Economy they present, and they don't follow up the directions that they want, and now they are not allowed to promote the RBE concept with their designs, while leaving them to go out their own way and etc. It did shocked me with disappointment. Next thing I know was someone sharing an audio clip on Roxanne Meadows of The Venus Project adding more fuel to the existing fire both sides are in. 

It's really sad and funny to know the fact that they are founders of a wonderful idea that attempts to redesign the current culture we are in, while they THEMSELVES are being conformed into it without even realizing it. Hence they failed to hold on 100% on what they had preached, specially on their views on ownership. 

They were at first great in collaboration, they managed to present their new ideas to change the current paradigm for the better. It does sounds sensible for us to live in a world without the oppression of money, while creating a scientific-based self-governing society that encourages collaboration and self-actualization for everyone. No poverty, no war, etc. It's really sad to acknowledge such a thing happen, and to be honest, it's like any political conflicts you see in the current world - scandals, quarrels, finger-pointings, yellings, bashings, etc. 

Now, to those who like the idea and wanted to see it being a reality, do continue to do what you are doing for this idea to be heard more. Honestly, we can't afford to continue living like this. There are many people out there wanting and hoping for a miracle/ salvation to kick in and rescue us as a whole. Everyone is oppressed and stressed. There are unsounded tears and fears around us that isn't seen physically, because people don't tend to express them much, instead they hide it in their smile, which is essential to survive everyday. 

Sometimes, after some discussions with some of my friends and lecturers about this new idea for the next social transition, I kept on thinking, what if the global economy shuts down today, and there's an anarchy in between? 

In other words, can the real social concerned people afford not to continue spreading such a sensible solution for the world? There is no much time left actually. 

The only thing I hope right now is - such conflicts better be resolved in the near future. At first it was okay with collaboration, now they are under the smog of egoism and ownership. Seriously, their ideas are so far the most sensible I had heard of to date, and I felt deeply frustrated when I heard that their advocators themselves fall to the culture of today's world. 


Anonymous said...

Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco MUST WORK TOGETHER! Without TZM i would NEVER have heard about Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project! Peter is the voice of a RBE & Jacque is the Technician/Engineer of it! Separately they are weak, but together they would be UNBEATABLE! damn I wish I could talk to them BOTH in person!!!! To shake their sens back!

Anonymous said...

Quoting some one on youtube "Jacque is project oriented, and Peter is movement oriented. But without the Movement, the project will not be substantial enough to cause the kind of global change required, imho, and without the Project, the movement has far less direction which opens it up to floundering in overall goal. On the other hand, if this is the result of a global paradigm shift, the changes will come anyway, with or without the ZM or VP."

Unknown said...

Hey, sorry for not posting your comments for a long time. I understand where you come from, right until now I don't really understand on why Mr. Fresco wanted the split.

However, what I'm really seeing from the progress of TZM is, Peter has decided to look to promote the RBE concept from a new kind of angle where the movement now only promotes the train of thought to the global society of moving forward towards a RBE world, while Jacque and many other RBE-related groups like New Z-land Project and European Organization of Sustainability (EOS) are going to build the first RBE experimental city as soon as they have the resources. Therefore, I would say, everyone is collaborating indirectly towards it.

Anyway, these 2 groups are just names. The idea is what is important. We just do what we can to introduce others about this great solution.

Unknown said...

Jacque seems to think you need to use the current system and get change happening. I agree with his approach but from a different angle.

Innovation is quenched by the state, this is part of a massive argument against the state by Anarcho-Capitalists and Minarchists among other ideologies.

So anyone afraid of a coming collapse or that it will never happen, please look into things like Anarcho-Capitalism. Where a free market, one free from state violent monopolistic coercion, can help foster this Venus Project idea and allow people to be free to pursue this to their fullest extent.