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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living in Malaysia is Really Expensive!

Today, the truth has been released. During the beginning of March, I realized that the food prices here are slightly higher than usual. I usually spend around RM 12 per day on thrifty mode for food alone, however it has gone up to RM 16 per day in expenses. A few items I find in the supermarkets also managed to rise, and sometimes, that made me think if the rest of the people realize this fact earlier. 

And I even heard that in Sabah, where our incomes are not as much as the ones in Kuala Lumpur, there are even restaurants charge food as expensive as RM 7! In my hometown, Tawau, where 50% of the population are low income workers, price for food had been skyrocketing, specially on the restaurant sectors. 

Sometimes I doubt if people still tend to accept the rising price trends. I heard many have ranted, but they just accept these facts as what they are. 

It's really annoying when politicians only tend to rally against each other, and to ridicule themselves at the same time seeking for people's votes, while everyone else quarrel against each other meaninglessly, while thinking about themselves despite the fact that we are all in this together. 

The truth is - 

I had been reading many "doomsday" articles that stated more civil unrests around the world to be unfold, the rising of the global crude oil price due to the protests in the Middle East, a next cycle of financial crisis to come, more inflation, more debts arise, and the collapse of the financial system. This is truly the cancer stage of capitalism

So, people - This isn't a joke. From now on, if you have a piece of land, make use of it to grow your own plants. Encourage your neighbours to do the same and share the food together. Make the practice viral. Stop supporting the system! To those who don't have a land, well, spend less. I have no ultimate solutions, but this is the first step to achieve one. 

The current money oriented world we are in segregates us from a personal level. To establish a resource-based society, surely you will enjoy sincere relationships better, instead of being under an invisible prison chasing after bills and work and compete like a cow to survive. 

Read the articles from : MSN and Malaysian Insider. You will learn more about them. 


jamiey writes said...

try Japan, Poland, Italy... we'll learn to appreciate Malaysia more :D

Victor Tan said...

Yes, they are expensive places too, but they have higher income.

Actually everywhere is the same. But I'm focusing on us. :)

ken said...

wanna buy property also cannot.. so expensive :(

QaroonFX said...

It's the stupid politicians that keep printing the money excessively to fund their idiot projects/personal wealth, bring down the value of ringgit in your pocket hence skyrocketing inflation...BNM is just a government puppet...