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Monday, May 24, 2010

Announcing My Official Photoblog :)

Well, this afternoon I just make this site. 

>My new Tumblr photoblog

It's actually a random thought of me opening a Tumblr photoblog. But, over there, I will post the best of my photos taken with my camera with captions. If I am out of ideas or whatsoever, I might as well add some other elements in the post. 

Well, there are some pics from this site over there, but you will see some unreleased photos of mine. Well, pictures are meant to be displayed, but timetables make me hectic to post it here. No worries. This blog will still be alive. 

Do add me in Twitter or Facebook to get the latest Tumblr updates :) 


kenwooi said...

cool! i use my tumblr blog as a rojak blog! =P

Eevee said...

vic, how u make the tumb photoblog de? is it under blogger?