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Friday, August 27, 2010

As The 53rd Independence Day Approaches

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If you are reading this, this is my pacifism response to the recent racism issues that is currently lingering over the Internet after 2 unscrupulous principals heated up the Malaysian society by you know, the pendatang name-calling.

Well, anyway, these events are preventable as the pendatang issue is totally an irrelevant thing to be mentioned. It has been 53 years we have been accepting each other as Malaysians, and yet there are still tragedies happening in our community: 

We are still making racism relevant

A friend mentioned in his Facebook status, saying that, "instead of labelling people as Malays, Chinese and Indians, why not accept each other as Malaysians?" And I got to agree with him. And when you look at the reality, people tend to get piled up according to their own races, doing business and recruiting according to race-based mentalities, and so on. 

Look, for all the 50 years being together, we shouldn't be told to accept one another all the time already, since we had been in this together for a long time. I had a lot of Malay friends, and they are the best group of people whom I enjoy talking to. There are even some Chinese girls whom I know mentioned that the Malay guys treat them better than the Chinese ones! HAHA. 

It's better to accept one another. In Malaysia, you can see the hottest girls from various races. Forget about the usual Chinese leng luis you see in the PC Fairs or some other events, go check out the Malay and Indian leng luis. Some of you may argue about their skin, but let me tell you something - it's their tanned skin that make them a special class of their own. Haha. I'm serious :) Those in the First World countries wanted to tan their skin a lot, you see. 

Plus, what about the foods like nasi lemak, rendang, char kuey teow, wan tan mee, chapati and roti canais? Enjoy them, they are all delicious. :) 

"Malaysian Ignorance"

This you can't escape from. Everytime whenever there's a news occured (e.g. The BHP case that I'd >blogged< during May), people will be throwing out their thoughts and sometimes, spam in the Internet space. 

Well, this is one of them, though it is attempting to defend Siti Hajah with a statement that she is a victim of politics. According to this>blog post<, the author suspected that there is a conspiracy theory going on that insisted that the principal was a puppet in this racist scene. Sounds like the questions raised during the Church burning events that happened earlier this year, eh? 

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, in order to get yourself out of your ignorance, it is better for you to use your brains to look into a case, rather than your eyes and ears. As Albert Einstein mentioned, "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance," it is better to have some good reasoning for the conclusion that you'd done, instead of providing a blind one.

When you know that these things are provoking your anger, try not to get mad against it, for they are meant to make you mad without even questioning about that news. 

Last but not least, I would like to wish you a Happy 53rd Independence Day. We need to be grateful for what we have now, but we cannot just stop there. All of us have the roles to improve our nation. 

Though I am a political atheist, I believe that the true power of change lies within the people, because we are the real ones that are able to decide for our future, not by the words of the politicians that claim more than they act. We already seen this in the current political system, where we are the ones who promote or fire the ones in power. 

Forget our differences, people. Racism is an outdated approach of understanding the world. It is totally irrelevant, as the world today are already concious that we are ONE human race. We live in this temporary world, as life is short, why should we hate? When we die, we are only remembered by our deeds. Stop the cynicism and individualism. Collaboration for progress is what we truly need. 

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