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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beyond Your View

Well, this is how a camera lens works. It's designed based on the natural mechanism of the eye, in case you don't know. I bet most of you there are smart. :)

Anyway, I have already beginning to see even my juniors entering college life. Well, if I were to relate into the picture above, we're looking at our futures like what we are viewing through that lens, through that one small little aperture range. The future is uncertain. 

Sometimes things that I want don't become a reality. Sometimes things that I unexpected becomes a reality. There are hopes and fears, and sometimes I even think that I'm taking the wrong course, as journalism can be propaganda. 

I bet the same goes to the most students from various courses, be it designing, engineering, medical, etc. I remember that someone blogged that 1 out of 3 students will feel that they take the wrong course. 

Still, journalism is still relevant to me, not because I have the ambition to be a lapdog. I like writing. Photography can be also another good thing too. :) 

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