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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Legendary 1.6L Twin Cam 4AGE 16v - Now At My Doorsteps!

Ever since I watched the "Initial D" movie in 2005, I began falling in love with the Toyota Trueno/Levin AE86, also known as the Toyota Corolla AE86 in the past. And then during my Form 5 days I added this car into my wishlist, if I were given a second-handed car, alongside other legendary Japanese cars like the Silvia S14. 

Well, it didn't happened. However, this forgotten wishlist became realized again. 

And finally, near my home, there is already an engine fitted in a car that once belonged to the Toyota AE86! 


Ladies and gentleman, the 1.6L Toyota Twincam 16v 4AGE engine

Just test drove it, and I'm no longer used to manual cars. But for sure, it's one loud engine! 

Oh ya, this picture above was taken using my Nikon D80 with the Nissin Di622 flash.  

In case you ask what's the car. Well, actually it's not the Trueno AE86. How I wish if it's the real Trueno. It's actually an old Toyota Corolla GL, being modified with the 4AGE engine. The previous 1.3L engine had died, so we decided to boost it up a little bit. 

And no worries, we are following traffic regulations, that is why we don't put a turbocharger or replace it with the 20v version of the 4AGE. After all, it's not for racing purposes. 

Other modifications included Recaro front seats, Yokohama tyres, and a set of BBS rims fitted on the car. 

Nothing attractive actually, but don't judge the book by its cover. 

I think I'll be driving this in the near future. I'm not used to the clutch yet. 

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