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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Times Have Changed

I scrolled this photo from the No Mega Tower Facebook Page >here< just recently. And what attracted me here is the historical value in this photo. The photo here showed a long house in Sarawak. 

What drew my attention later was the caption written by Suze the Run, the uploader of the photo. She wroted. 

This is how our old long house looks like....we never had any issue about food n problem with money....everything..... is there..u only died of hunger..if...u r a lazy person...
 And that caption slowly reminded me of how the people of the older generation tell me about the world. 

I'd remembered in the past, people used to tell me that we tend to tolerate with each other regardless race and backgrounds. Children go to school without their parents being prejudice on what type of school they are entering. Even if it is a Christian school, the parents only focus on discipline and academic knowledge that will be given to their children, so that one day they will grow up with success. 

There is no extreme racism happening here as well. People tend to greet each other as if they have no differences. And even though life for most of the older generation were hard as they struggle hard to live, everyone was still happy. However, there are opportunity of jobs for people, and they are chances to be in a higher social class. The rich-poor gap wasn't far in those times, so there were much chances to change one's life. 

I was amazed by the society in the previous generation, before this whole world is more "developed". 

Today, you see a modern human lifestyle - where you are busy and stressed all the time. In the city life, you will have to face daily traffic jams to get to your workplace, and to face a possibility that you will stay in that office till the midnight. Living costs are increasing year by year, while your income remains static. 

And people don't greet each other as often anymore. Most of the time as I observe, people only greet each other for their own self-interests. And worse, I can sense a melting pot in our community, where racist topics tend to be in our conversations most of the time. When it comes to politics, we tend to get bounded by 2 opposing parties and get frustrated with them. People only just choose sides and fight with each other from the streets to the Internet. 

And so, our society is frustrated and confused. We are walking around shrinking circles, while hating each other, our empathy only reach our blood ties, not caring much about others. 

Like it or not, this is our today's world. Though technology has developed, our human social paradigm is still obsolete and outdated. We have social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and yet in the comments, what I mostly see is hate messages. 

The world is a freak show, isn't it? 

When will humanity wake up? 

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