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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Man With A Golden Radio Voice - Ted Williams

Someone recently shared this video to me in Facebook, and it's about a homeless person whose got a talent in being a radio DJ. 

The video is about a guy named Ted Williams, and this video was uploaded on Youtube since Jan 3. Surprisingly within a few days, the video got the attention of more than 11 million views across the world, thus it touches the empathy of everyone who watches it. 

And surprisingly, someone had offered him a job just after they view the video!
Source today: >here< 


What a great ending for this person!

Well, so far on my knowledge, America is currently being struck with unemployment, leaving many homeless men seeking for jobs, while those who are working at constantly struggling in the office for their own survival. Both mainstream and alternative media had told their perspectives differently on this issue. Whatever they are, I really sense that our financial system is collapsing, as we know that these problems are actually growing since The Great Depression in the 1920s. 

Today, we see price rise. Oil, petrol, sugar, food, milk, Chinese New Year goods, and finally, Milo and Nescafe! What else for 2011? Life is getting harder, isn't it? 

May God enlighten us with more wisdom. With wisdom, we can ensure a better world where everyone of us live with our well-beings and welfare protected.

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