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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Racist Aussie Girl Said That Durians Are For "Jungle People"? Ridiculous!

I know. It's been a while I didn't update my blog, as I'm losing the mood. 

Until this NEWS showed up last night in my Facebook live feed! 

Anyway, this is about a racist Australian girl who is current studying in one of our private education institutions who was caught speaking racist notions against we Malaysians, and later she kept going on criticizing our races and culture in a very ignorant manner. 

Link: >here< 

Of course I was slightly provoked by her words, but I know it's pointless to feed some trolls who wanted to gain attention in a negatively manner. 

What made me feel funny on how she stupified her own image was she had revealed that she's studying in Malaysia and she even study LAW right here. C'mon, spoiled kiddo! If you study law, you should realize that you MUST obey the law in the country you're in. Don't you learn about the idiom "When in Rome, do what the Romans do"

FACT: Nobody is above the law! And you must respect the law of the place you're residing. 

And secondly, based on her Facebook profile, she mentioned that her religious view is on the Catholic faith, and her favourite book is the Bible. 

Sounded like she's pious, eh? 

But her attitude doesn't resemble a real Christian. Speaking foul words? Insulting other groups of people without rationality? Being egoistic as if you're from a higher social class? Pissing other people off in other people's land? 

Matthew 19:19 Love thy neighbour as thyself! 
[King James Version]

Remember, it's not my words, that was said by Jesus. Please repent, before things get worse for you. Even if it's so, it's because of your own doing. It's unnecessary to start a fight that waste everyone's time in the Internet. Don't like Malaysia, then just leave. Nobody cares about your presence here. 

If you want happiness, then share the happiness to everyone you know here. If you retaliate with hate, then hate will knock at your door. So, please practice courteous values when you're in other people's places. 

Last but not least, Angeline: 

You're representing the identity of your nation, place of origin, and your own religion. I hope I made it clear to you, that you are holding the responsibility that represents the things that you're affiliated of. 

My 2 cents post. 

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