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Friday, March 25, 2011

Rebecca Black's Friday

Just another short update. 

It's been a week I had been knowing Rebecca Black in the Twitter's top trend, and during the second day she was in the trends, I got to know her latest "Friday" song. 

Don't know the song yet? Here's the video clip of Friday. 

My first impression towards the song is  - "Why screech at the beginning?" With such a bad start at the beginning of the song, you can't attract many listeners. Even the video clip had a bad illustration/sketchings of Rebecca herself. You could have present it a lil' more creative. 

So, my score given to the song is 2 out of 5, still Friday had a catchy tune, and that's the only good thing of it. 

But the good thing is she managed to get some 35 million views within a month. Let's hope she can beat Katy Perry's Fireworks (147 million views now). Not even Ryan Higa can beat her views. 

If you're asking if I will hate her for that song, I'll say, there's no point to be a hater. Just appreciate it and stop ranting about the song if you don't like it. Someone else still loves it. Oh ya, this is Ryan Higa's view on Friday

No worries, Rebecca. You will do fine. I hope Ryan Higa will make another video out of "Friday"