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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Enough of Chronic Hunger! (1 Billion Hungry Project)

Keep in mind that I am not paid for typing this. I am supporting something that I believe. 

How about a reality check on global hunger and poverty?

- 15 million children are dying due to hungry every year, someone dies every 3.6 seconds due to it.

- 3 billion people are currently struggling as they are surviving less than $2 per day, as waves of financial crisis affecting inflation impacts global prices around the world.

- 183 million children facing malnutrition

- 500 million in Asia, Latin America and Africa listed under poverty level. 

- World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 2 thirds of the world are not well-fed, as half of them are under chronic hunger.  

These are just a few facts on today's hunger issue. If you do your own research, you might find out how much threatening this problem is to humanity if we just keep an ignorant eye away from it. 

Don't you want to do something about it? Of course, you can't take it anymore when you look at the numbers of those who are suffering, DON'T YOU? 

Do check this site out, >click here<  1BillionHungry Project. It is an organization that fights for the hungry and helpless men with a vision to gather 1 billion concerned voices to pressure the United Nations' leaders to help eradicate hunger (and poverty). 

Please sign if you care. 

Meanwhile, do take a look at this clip. Don't you feel that the world is NOT in a good shape? 

At the same time, dear readers, when you feel like complaining about such issues, why not question the system itself at the same time. Think about the root causes of why our society becomes sick and dysfunctional. Once you understand the importance of relating our social problems to the corruption of our system, spread this awareness to your friends, family and relative. We cannot allow ourselves to continue living like this, as many had already been left out. 

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toninkush said...

Signed petition. We need more posts like this from bloggers. It would definitely help out those in need. Including animals.