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Friday, July 9, 2010

The World Cup So Far: Of Karma, Vuvuzelas, and Unpredictable Moments

I already edited the photos, but please be patient ya? :) 

And now. What is the World Cup 2010 to you? 

To those who had followed my blog these few weeks, you all will sure know that I had made 2 unsuccessful predictions on who will be entering the World Cup finals.

1st claim: Brazil vs Argentina (both teams are out within 1 day)
2nd claim: Germany vs Holland (at least Holland made it) 

And YES! Thank you Carles Puyol who scored that wonderful header. Though my 2nd prediction almost went accurate. lols

So, the finals will be Spain and Holland. Both teams never won a World Cup before, and hence this World Cup will have a new champion, and certainly this 2010 edition shows favour to a European team who won the first World Cup outside their own continent. 

And besides, what makes this World Cup more interesting and special? 

1. Karma: 
This one is from my perception. 

You see, the reason why I say this is, I support the European teams and the Asian teams (except North Korea). England, Korea, Spain, Portugal and Holland are my favourites, hence. But then, when England got bashed seriously by Germany, I began disliking Germany. Haha. But then I got so happy that they were beaten by Spain. 

How about South Korea's case? Uruguay got eliminated by Holland, right? :) And Paraguay who eliminated Japan were also being sent home too. 

And so the villians are gone. xD 

2. Vuvuzelas. 

Let me express something here - this thing is ANNOYING!!! It makes the whole stadium sounded as if there is a swarm of bees everywhere, and all of the 64 matches are having the same sound effect. And worse, when I watched live streaming, I even stumbled upon some vuvuzela ads that blowed my speakers out. 

Even Youtube loves that trumpet. 

Look at that red ball icon and click it. Vuvuzelas. swt. 

3. Paul the Octopus

Someone from Nuffnang Innit told me about this creature from a German aquarium that has been predicting the Germany matches in the World Cup with pinpoint precision, surprisingly. I don't understand why God gifted it with some Nostradamic ability to foresee the German team. 

Well, based on the picture, it works this way. Paul was given the same food from 2 containers, each represents a nation team. If Paul takes, err, let's say Germany over some other nations, Paul predicts that Germany will win. 

And recently, this Octopus has shocked the world as it predicted that Spain enter the finals. WOHOO!!!!

But then the sad news is, this Octopus is under death threats by some unscrupulous football fans. C'mon, killing Paul won't reverse the time. What's done is done. 

What will he says about the Germany-Uruguay match soon? 

4. Unpredictable, Happy and Angry Moments

Let some of the clips tell you about it, okay? Particularly Robert Green's fault and Lampard's disallowed goal. lols. I focused more on England, as I supported England the most. 

Korea's unfortunate own goal. I was shocked that time.

Last but not least

Enjoy your World Cup finals xD
Despite the disallowed goals and some injustice in the game, the South Africa World Cup rocks!


Nana Eddy said...

nanged! am I the first? yeay! anyway, I don't know about karma, or superstition ow what, but I'm glad it's not the popular team who always champions the world cup who enters the finals this time. I'm a bit naughty. the more ppl support the team, the more I don't want them to win :p

oh yeah, nanged!

kenwooi said...

netherlands ftw! =)

Liz ^^, said...

Aikz. Upset that Germany lost. I wanted so badly for that Octopus to be wrong !!!! I cannot believe it was actually right. But it's definitely something unique, that Paul (the Octopus) xD

Oh well. I'm trying to be fair. Spain did play better that match. But it sucks all the same >.<

So, since Germany is out, Netherlands for the win then ! (Sigh, how I wished it was Holland vs. Germany for the finals =.=)