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Friday, July 16, 2010

When Will We Be Concious? WAKE UP HUMANITY!

Recently a number of bloggers updated their pages with this news. >The Star<, and gosh, we're going to be in another hell of crisis again. 

Well, to those who are lazy to click on the link. Let me tell you some bad news. 

Prices are going up for fuel and sugar. 

I don't blame our Malaysian government for making this decision. Well, they no longer subsidized fuel and sugar for the sake of the people, while at the same time, they are facing an increasing number of debt to the central bank, just like any other nations in this Earth. 

Looks like oil prices are now feared to rise in conjunctions of the April Gulf of Mexico oil spill incident, as humanity has witness the biggest pollution event that ever happen in the history of mankind, where we have lost thousands of gallons of oil leaking across the oceans surrounding the area. Until now, there is no proper solution for the leaking problem. 

And once again, oil prices will rise due to the sense that we have been losing many resources due to the oil spill. It once happened in the mid of this decade where there were wars in oil dominant nations and many destructions of refineries happened in Iraq and Nigeria. 

And then the food, oil and financial crisis punch in later in 2008-09. 

Get the idea here? Just now, I had triggered an open discussion in Nuffnang Innit to ask people not to look at politics, as our community tends to question our Malaysian politics too much. Instead, please question about the system itself. It's the system that corrupts everyone of us. 

Of course, you will see how much cunning the monetary system is to us. Do make some research in economics, and you'll see that our financial system is nothing but a fraud. Why money? Why the social stratification? We're all born the same way, isn't it? 

Of course, you will feel why our place is no longer safe. We've been hearing increasing numbers of crimes and terrorism internationally, as well as the financial crisis and recession. You can't even trust the news anymore. If you relate all of them together, well, money is the roots of those everyday problems. 

Once again, my point here is, instead of complaining about the troubles, why not question the system itself? 

I end my post with this clip from the 1976 film called "Network". This makes sense to our world today, isn't it? Different periods, same old shit. 


By the way, view this >documentary<. It's called Zeitgeist: Addendum. It may not be 100% accurate as it is a secular-type of film, it advocates the message for social change for the better. 


Dori Lukey said...

where there's humans, there's bound to be problems!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Ken Wooi said...

spot corruption within the politics first.. =)

Unknown said...

Cher hong: because they are indoctrinated in a dispositioned manner.

Ken: My point is about questioning the system itself. Corruption is one of the symptoms of our sick society.