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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Dilemma Between Nostalgia and Hopes

Yesterday, as Bong and I were waiting for the college bus to take us through Subang Jaya and home, I'd received an unexpected call from Mum. The topic? Well, it's unexpected too. Though it sounded very delighting, I had mixed emotions towards the news. 

To the usual Indonesian-Malaysian-Vietnamese friends that I usually hang up with, you know that enlightening truth xD

I finally got the opportunity to travel to Sydney, Australia for a month! 

However, the bad news is, it will be happening during the Chinese New Year month. 

*Sigh* I have a lot of things to do during that month. As we know, Chinese New Year is an event of reunion, specially for us St. Patrick ex-schoolmates who always look forward to sweet reunions whenever we return to Tawau. We'd even got a plan to have a good, good reunion night around the weekend before CNY Day 1. 

Doesn't it sound good? Whenever I hear of Black Eye Peas' "I Got A Feeling", I really can't wait for the reunion, you see. 

My trip will be from 8th of February to 3rd of March, meaning I will continue my 2nd semester 2 weeks after the college reopens, IF I go. 

There are several other ex-schoolmates who won't make it to Tawau during CNY, I know. Most probably, the number of these people include me. 

Sydney is a place that I always wanted to travel to, as my relatives (Melissa) always wanted me to go meet them there. If I'm there, I wanted to do as much photoshooting with her as we can xD, around the Opera House, the Bridge, the beaches and so on. I wanted to visit a place which is much more grander and bigger than Kuala Lumpur! Why not make a sunset time lapse over the most beautiful spot in Sydney too? 

But sadly, it happens on the wrong time. I wanted to go. But I will miss the Chinese New Year celebration. Still, I choose to go. Maybe I'll compromise with Mum that I want to return early for CNY. I might not have the chance to get the secondary joy, though I want BOTH. 

What you choose is what you get. Choose wisely Victor. Compromising might help, as I really want to get the best of both choices! 

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P.S - Can't wait to see you again, Melissa :) Our first (not really the first larr) camwhore before we bid farewell in January 2008. I chose to go home just to see you that time, haha...

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