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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Word "Lazy"

Shit! I hate this feeling, especially when it's almost 1 month before another homecoming. Oh yeah, Mum had confirmed my tickets to Melbourne. I'll be flying back here via AirAsia at 7 Feb and most possibly staying the whole day in the LCCT, which is a very very sien thing to do for a tourist while waiting for a midnight flight to Melbourne at 8 Feb 1 am. It's also another AirAsia flight. 

The reason why Mum decides to stay is we have to compromise Grandma's fatigue. You know, a group of 70+ year old women not only have to deal with jet lag, they also has the challenge to walk a long way from the plane to the arrival center. It's one very long road to walk, especially if the airport is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. 

The road to Sydney is yet to be revealed. Most probably going via Jetstar. GOSH! I'm so obsessed to get a circular polarising filter for the beautiful landscape there! 

Back to the topic: 

Definition of "laziness" as taken from Wikipedia

Laziness (also called indolence) is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is often used as a pejorative. Chronic laziness may be an underlying psychological condition.

In a more simple sentence it means the lack of desire to expend effort. 

We'd been embedded with the message that laziness means that you don't have the energy to do something, and of course, the society despises such a cardinal sin. But, what I'm seeing about laziness is something else. 

So far, as I observed, people tend to have the mood to do other things when compared to their interest to do whatever they are assigned to do. And yeah, that's where the procrastination comes into us.

How can I wish that I can own a business, where I am able to do things according to my way. But small businesses tend to fall in this economic tension. It's a fact. Earning an income nowadays is insecure.  

Well, there will be 4 deadlines pounding us next week: 

CCS Report
P.O. Journalism
PR1 1Malaysia
CRR Presentation (We'll be damn busy this Mon, Tues and Wed) 

I don't really understand why there's meltdown going on here though it's just one month before the homecoming. Usually, I'm still fired up to do as much achievements as I can. Will be trying my best to fight the feeling

Anyway, my laziness is really having lack of effort. Yeah, assignment-based courses have one good advantage for the students - being able to learn more things outside the course outline. I'm learning photography, a little part of philosophy, a bit of theology and some gaming stuffs while I'm doing Journalism. 

But the main priority still goes on. I'm an empiricist, as I believe in learning things by experimenting and experiencing. 

Right, continuing my stuffs. Time to sign off. 

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