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Monday, October 26, 2009

"What Is Freedom?"

Enough about pictures okay? I'll promise you my sharing about polarising filters :) 

And, please open your rhetoric mindset for this issue. I type this out because I believe it is worth for everyone to digest. 

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance" 
- Albert Einstein. 

TCPJ, 1100 hours - My lecturer asked us an interesting question regarding freedom during the break while teaching us the ethics and laws of journalism. Well, journalists are bounded on their freedom of expression, where they have to compromise their roles and duty to the public while serving the people above. 

He asked us, "What is freedom? How can we be free?" 

I believe this is one of the questions where people like us always ask upon ourselves besides of religion and philosophy. 

Malaysia was declared independent in August 31, 1957, and yet people are still being engaged in labour pains. After the Independence, we can still see the people doing their own business. The adults still continue their work as teachers, engineers, etc, while the younger people went to college or schools for education. 

Everyday, as you get up early in the morning, you begin to get bounded with your routines and stuffs, and thus, you submerge yourselves into it. You worry of your assignments, your tasks, your meetings, your projects and so on. 

And the cycle of our jobs continue day by day, this applies for us, regardless students, employees and employers. 

Do you know why are we doing all of these everyday? Do you still have an idea what is freedom? 

In our younger days, we go to schools and colleges to study for the sake of getting a job. Upon graduation, we find a job and there, we begin to feel stressed as if everyday is your last day being employed. 

And at the end of the day, aren't these struggles and pressures are all about money $$? Because we are living under scarcity, and also having the fear of scarcity, we lost our freedom

To the POJ students, I also write this post to clarify what I said this morning, as I tend to express myself better in writing, instead of speech. 

My ideas were based on Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist: Addendum, the 2nd movie for the  Zeitgeist Movement that exposes social corruption and the flaws of the fractional based monetary system. 

(Editor's Note: I'm not a member of the Zeitgeist Movement, as I disagreed with Joseph's viewpoint on religion. Check out Zeitgeist: Debunked on

Well, first of all, I can see that the world is all looking at material aspects. And this is the scarcity that I'm talking about. We need more money in order to survive and to get what we want at the same time. But nowadays, prices are skyrocketing with some dramatical economical changes, with some seasonal financial crisis that continue to worsen the situation. I even hear that you need more than $1 million Ringgit just to retire. As the prices rise and at the same time, currencies like the American Dollar are devaluating, so as the living costs. Would you cope with the increasing scarcity you would face? 

Now, take a look at the role of money. Our textbooks said that money is an instrument of exchange in trading. But, now, look at money this way. Governments ordered their money via the FIAT system, where they actually owe the central banks with an additional sum of interest being charged by the banks themselves. If you don't believe me, take a look at this chart. 

The value of Dollar decreases as the circulation of the money increases. This causes increasing debts. Well, the governments are unable to pay back the money because of the interest rate charged. So, how can society be debt free? Of course it can't. So, money is an instrument of DEBT

And everyone of us have to pay the debt. We have to force ourselves to work in order to feed and house ourselves, all the time. But then, as we continue this routine, the circulation increases, and more debts there are in the society. This only benefits the people on top of the human organizational pyramid, the rich ruling elite. 

And because of this, we lost our freedom. We fear that we will not have income, and at the same time, we will lost our standard of living. 

How about governments? They too have the lack of freedom, but they control us. If there is a government, there will be complaints, there will be taxes to pay, and oh yeah, legitimate rules to be abide, so that everyone plays fair. But, we can see corruption everywhere. Just because there are rules doesn't mean there are 100% enforcement on them. We then heard of internet censorship and government media ownership. Will there be any freedom of speech and expression in the future? 

A fellow coursemate argued that it is still necessary to have money and government. But, if you imagine a world without money, will you think of a world without conflicts and unnecessary problems? The love and greed for money is the root of all evil. You take a look at kidnappings, murder, prostitution, and even war, they're all profit motivated. 

True freedom cannot be achieved with money and governments. Money just corrupt us and put us into endless scarcities, while promoting the sense of individualism within us, as everyone of us just focus on our self-interests, and not social concern, while the governments limit us with taxes and rules so that everyone could play it fair. Also, no matter how much political parties are there in support of a nation's people, the decision of the winning party would not satisfy everyone. 

Well, the Zeitgeist ideology was a new proposal for the next direction of human sociology. It is supporting the Venus Project, a new civilization idea beyond politics and money. We do not know either this would be the another future's New World Order, but this proposal ensures everybody to live in an equal standard of living. 

How about you? Would you like to share your ideas on how to achieve freedom?  

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