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Saturday, October 10, 2009


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By excalade89

Strange, why do I always look better in B&W? Did the coloured version and posted it as my current Facebook profile photo, and still the B&W/ Sepia style won. 


The 2nd wave of "tsunami" assignments are already here. POJ and Public Relations 1 are in the same date. CCS and CRR also have deadlines around that period too. Wow! Great! Looks like we're going through another hell. =.=

Currently disillusioned. Sometimes, I just wonder why we humans have to be busy all the time. Nowadays, 24 hours aren't enough for us to do a lot within a particular day. 

Sooner or later, we will submit ourselves to economic labour in order to earn a living. Today, we are throwing ourselves into the busy timeline of academic courses for the sake of earning a living for the future. 

Life is more than that. You see....

Moving to another topic :) 

I recently read this from Louis Pang's blog: 

Photographers need food on the table and food for the soul. I believe that most photographers got into the photography business at the first place purely because of passion. A survey was done on 1500 people. Eighty three percent of them chose their career for the money they thought they could earn. The remainder seventeen percent or 255 people chose what they love doing. Five years later 101 of these 1500 people became millionaires. A hundred of these new millionaires were people who chose their career path based on their passion.
Passion was what brought me into photography. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is the tough part. So how do I stay in love with photography? I am challenging myself to do 1 to 2 personal shoots per month. These are shoots that I carry out purely to satisfy my needs as an artist: to innovate, experiment & push the boundaries. I also challenge myself to come up with something new each shoot…something I had never done before, even when I return to the same location.

Pang, L 2009, "Food For The Soul", lol....paiseh lah, no need Harvard referencing :P 

Kinda inspired by Louis' words. 

Hmmm, I once thought of working part time as a photographer in a studio to gain experience in modern portraiture shootings during my semester break later. Maybe I just spend my holidays with my uncle teaching me more photography techniques. I don't know. 

You cannot simply judge me on why I suddenly get obsessed with digital photography to those who know me for a long time. Photography is my shadow interest ever since I was a child, as I don't really reveal much of it all the time. 

I felt that the DSLR camera is more than just a camera. It's a wonderful gadget that joints art and technology together. Besides, it's like a thousand-dollar-drug that causes people to have the frenzy of photography. And because of that, a passion of photography had developed within me. It's like the saying: "Cuba sekali, mau lagi" kind of experience. 

Anyway, sometimes I wonder about these professional photographers. I have no idea how they can gain what it takes to become what they are today. When you look around, there are actually many amateur photographers that have the potentials to shoot as good as them. Perhaps even better. 

Silviana, I will remember that advise you gave me in Pavilion: shoot more photos. 

But, I'll put assignments first. Not now larr, semester break that time larr :) 

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By excalade89

Entrance to the Mines Shopping Mall. Tried to host this out in the previous post, but can't. At least I show it here. 

P.S - Now I understand the importance of Seni Visual during secondary school. Among all the PMR subjects, I neglect Arts Visual the most, as it has nothing to do with PMR. Thus, I dropped it during the Upper Secondary level. Looks like I need it for picture post productions. :( 

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