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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Wait For What 2011's CNY Got To Offer

I haven't started any assignments yet, but will be doing it real soon. 

This post is the continuation of the previous post. Well, Mum already bought the tickets, and we will be going to Melbourne first via AirAsia X first. Looks like this is going to be my first time boarding a long range jet to Australia. An Airbus A330, it is! xD

But for the CNY taste of hometown, I have to wait for 16 more months to feel the reunion once again. 

Yeah, we have to move forward. But, there are certain things that make us not to go. Of course, I treasure friendship a lot, especially for the old homies. Friendship, to me, is like wine. Well, the longer the wine, the higher quality it has. So, if you have a long time knowing your friend, of course you would treasure them more. Of course, the memories count. 

Will be promising good, high end photos when I'm in Australia

But for now, I, as well as the other hundreds of UniSA Communication students are facing a time crisis that this time involves 4 deadlines from all 4 courses altogether. Time to focus about now. 

By the way, like this lomograph

Image Hosted by

By excalade89

Taken after the CRR class (Halliday and Bakhtin xD). I got this inspiration when I put my camera vertically on top of my laptop and I saw Stivi posing like this when she's looking at the opposite seats. And I thought of this nice view. So, I asked her to pose like that again after the class dismissed. Dare not take it during class, as Miss Natasha can be serious at times. Looks like the lighting effect got some flaws :( sry.