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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oblong Burger?

Blogging about burgers is nothing special, unless you felt that your burger is worth to be blogged about. 

It's very normal and typical to enjoy the taste of a ROUND burger. 

But this is different. 
Image Hosted by
By excalade89

Well, this burger is from the stall opposite Ridzuan Condominium. I usually get my burgers from there. Price? RM 4 only :) Affordable, and tasty at the same time! 

I'm not a casual burger buyer, though. 

Meantime, another issue here....

An average price of a burger is around RM 4 at the same time. Compared to a RM 4 dish, which do you think is worth it? 

Get the point there? I used to enjoy burgers priced at RM 2 when I was in Labuan. 

Gosh! Kuala Lumpur has a high living cost rate! I bet Tawau's living cost rises as well. Remembered buying a Gan Lau Mian (Fried Noodles in Hakka) with the same price (RM4) and I'd complained my way back home. 

Expensive prices mushroomed throughout the market. Just imagine, during your children's age....

oil price = RM 5/litre (now RM 1.80/litre)
Lowest food price = RM 8 (so far it's RM 4)
Mamak stall's maggi = RM 4 (now it's RM 2)
Higher electric and water bills?
Higher Astro bills? 
Higher school and tuition fees?
Car tickets?

Economic crisis....what can we do about it? 

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