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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clash of Identities

Sorry for not updating. I was busy, and is free for a moment now. 

I will have a few blog posts coming up for a moment. Well, starting with this post on my identities. 

Well, most of you have basically added me in Facebook and I bet you'd been seeing my philosophical statuses all the time. Now I'm going to tell you one thing about myself. 

My attitudes can be defined through religion and my understandings on this Earth I'm living in. On one side, I am a Christian - one of the theistic views that makes one to believe the existence of God and salvation. After all, I was brought up from a Christian background anyway. 

On another side within me, I am a humanist. Humanism doesn't recognize much on the existence of God, but rather the power of man. It is a philosophical view on human values and concern.  

These 2 points of views always clash within me. Especially when it comes for my hope on praying for a positive social change in the global society. 

And that is what makes me be interested with this activist movement - The Zeitgeist Movement. It is a petition of humanity to demand for social change. And my humanist self tells me that the world must change in order to be more civilised. 

I mean, look at this world today. Our financial system is under fiscal manipulation, and as prices continues to go up and instability is currently now occuring in Europe, as well as the pollution and corruptions in society. It's all because of this thing called MONEY. 

As a result of this uncivilized system we're living, 34,000 people die every single day because of hunger, poverty and preventable diseases. 

And I haven't mention about war, stress levels and money yet. 

Zeitgeist can be a good movement, but what recently made me doubt the movement is its spirituality nature. First, it attacks Christianity in its first documentary films. And there I found out that it's Theosophic - a metaphysical group which is misleading. 

And another basis of the critique is I found out that the citations the author used against Christianity are writers from the same theosophic group. Well, the founder claims that he is an atheist, but why use such sources to attack us?

Another New World Order? 

The world has to change. I heard of many agonies and suffering in this place, but please change for the better. Don't sell away humanity to the Devil. 

You may take a look at their link up there and view the movement yourself. But DO have an open mind. 


Glo-w~* said...

It's difficult to find something that perfectly defines us and who we wish to be. There is always hate involved. Why cant we just concentrate on being the best of each of us?

Victor Tan said...

You mean on the movement? When it comes to spirituality, it makes me confused.

At least you heard of the movement by now. Well, it's ur choice. Listen to his useful lectures and u decide if u wanna join the group or not. After all, we all want a better world.