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Friday, June 18, 2010

Financial System Is A Debt! Nothing But A Debt

Please watch this, ladies and gentlemen. :)

It's pretty funny on how these 2 experts comment about the recent European financial crisis. 

They mention something on the help on bailing Greece out from the debts they owed, right? Let me highlight this to you? 

"How will other countries help out Greece while they themselves are also under huge amounts of debts?"

Obviously they can't. These countries already OWED the major banks debt and even if they are to pay back the banks, they would have to sell all their properties to pay back the Principal + Interest, which is impossible

I no need to be an economist or a business student. Just do your own research and you'll realize that the monetary system is such a fraud. Before MONEY today is what it is, it was known as the certificate of debt

That is why we all have to work like slaves. If we continue to let the monetary system goes on, prices will rise due to inflation and future crisis, causing more unemployment everywhere, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, and more people dying due to poverty. 

Even if it doesn't affects you, your freedom is affected, as you are worrying of your kids and family. 

Want me to add more sources? 

From Zeitgeist: Addendum

To some people, I may be too radical. YES, I am radical, but I'm still as normal as you are. It's just that people are too bounded by the monetary system until they accept it as "human nature". It is not. Money is man-made. One day, please do not feel surprised when you see your Nasi Lemak is priced at RM 10 in the future. 

Money isn't your God. It is purely debt. 

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