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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Racism In Soccer

Happy that England scored! But what I didn't expected is Slovenia was out. Lando Donovan managed to score a late goal against Algeria and that was surprising.

Still, England still needs to buckle up for a more difficult series of matches as they are beginning to face the giants. Hopefully Mr. Rooney performs better. 

Anyway, while viewing at both matches (ENG vs SVN) and (USA vs ALG), I viewed at this comment. 

Yeah, the one in the middle. (Derka Derka)

Well, due to RTM's incapability to cover ALL sports, I had no choice but to follow some live updates from the site. And yeah, Derka-derka's comment is one of the thousand comments that are racist and unscrupulous. (perhaps millions)

I mean, you shouldn't be yelling hate/racist comments while celebrating the World Cup. The game is wonderful, where you have 32 teams from every corners of the world playing together in the spirit if humanity. Plus, it's the team you criticized at the max, not the country and the people. That has nothing to do with the game. 

Say No! To Racism. Love and celebrate the game together! Sports are meant to bridge the gap among nations. It is for world peace, not war. Don't we want to have peace, after all? 

Life is short, why hate? 

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kenwooi said...

life is short, love it! =)