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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Unusual Wednesday

Just went back from Ridzuan collecting my laundry and from college after several hours completing CRR assignments there. And sheezz! Should have open up my bag for my camera to "be a journalist" when we go back. 

Anyway, what is so UNUSUAL about today? 

3 things. 

1. Never did I expected a rain at 8 am. And guess what? I woke up at 7.40 a.m. and I have to walk the WHOLE way to college. No taxis around, no buses are around. Just me, my stamina, and my legs to endure the 10 minutes walk to college. Never in my 14 months stay in Kuala Lumpur I have to walk to college under a heavy rain. 

Yet, thank God I reached the Computer Lab earlier than Mr. Winston, keke....

2. During the time hustle, I entered the lift with an African with Lil' Wayne's style. As the lift went down, he praised my hairstyle :) Weird, I mean this is the first time a stranger praise my hair, but still, I felt weird. 

Nice hairstyle also useless! My hair got spoilt by the rain. Lost the hair gel effect edi. Dang!


1700 hours in the college library, when Thomas, Cynthia, Bong, Huey Ling, Jennifer and I stayed for the CRR Critique Assignment, suddenly during a casual chat, Thomas redirected our topic to another agenda. 

I can't remember everything we said, I just type out the main point. 

Thomas: Hey, guys, do you feel something?

Us: Feel what? Nothing one...

Thomas: You guys look at the lamp up there. 

He's really an observant guy :) 

We were staring at the lights above the library ceiling. And gosh, everything shakes! 

Several minutes later, a library assistant came into our discussion room and told us to leave, as the Fire Patrol was scheduled to arrive that time. 

It arrived moments later. 

I don't know if it's really an earthquake or not. Maybe the building structure wasn't firm enough? We don't know. When I just returned, people from Facebook kept talking about that event. Weird....

Aih! 9 pm edi. Time to do the finishing touches of the essay....

Busy week. 

UPDATED: That is an EARTHQUAKE!!!! The shakings are actually from a 7.9 magnitude earthquake from Sumatra

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