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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 50-50 Decision

My Australian cousin, Melissa sent me this in Facebook yesterday.

aw noo i heardd ):

i hope your family member is doing okaayy..

praypraypray yeah ? :)

all the pretty beaches are waiting for you to take their photos!

And that made me rethink my destiny. 

I have chances to photoshoot in the 2 occasions - spending Chinese New Year in Sydney or just doing it traditionally here. The difference is, Cayenne, Guojun and maybe Fadhlan will not be here. Guojun and Fadhlan are my usual partner in crime for open houses. Without them, I'll be lost for the open houses.

Meanwhile, the Sydney trip would mean leaving my yearly routine and to stay in a strange area for 1 month. That sounds fun, but I might doubt some boundaries faced right there.

Oh ya, it's been exactly a week I did not touch my camera again. Dammit, I have no where even for scenery shoots.

Arggh! This is supposed to be a photoblog. Now, it returns to its original form as a text blog about life. Looks like I have to abandon the proposal of making this page a one-column site for now.

I hate it when I can't do the things that I want.


Cayenne said...

just try take the chance to take more photos. even in ur house also u can try to snap every corner of ur house to cure ur self-obsession hahaha..

Victor Tan said...

Aiya, my house is a tiny world. Takkan just closeup pics only meh :(